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Want To Maximize The Lifespan Of Your Home Appliances? Read This

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We consider ourselves very creative beings. I always believed that I am a creative thinker because I was always good at imagining abstract concepts and things. But, when it came to imagining a very simple scenario – I failed miserably.

I have been using my refrigerator for over four years now. Here is a fun fact – I never got it serviced or repaired. My mindset was – if it’s working, it’s fine. The fallacy here was that since it never broke down, I assumed that it will never break down. That was true until it wasn’t. One fine morning, when the day was just starting, I opened my fridge and saw that it had stopped working a few hours ago – the ice had melted, the milk smelled funny and the bottles in the fridge were almost lukewarm.

I called up the store from where I had bought the fridge and to my surprise, I got to learn that I had to get it serviced regularly! Thanks to them, I was able to call up a professional who came and fixed my fridge for me. That led me to yet another epiphany – if this can happen to my fridge, it can happen to the other appliances in my home!

Before my life would’ve hit a halt with my appliances revolting against me, I decided to get them all serviced. If you are planning to buy a new appliance, here are a few ways for you to maximize the lifespan of home appliances by focusing on servicing, proper usage and a little bit of love:

Ways to Maximize the lifespan of home appliances


It is one of the most essential appliances. And these days, I think refrigerators are one of the most expensive appliances. Therefore, you would want to maintain them consistently. A broken-down fridge takes a toll on your pocket to get a fridge repair.

When my fridge broke down, I learnt that the fridge cannot function efficiently if the coils of the condenser are covered in dust. To avoid this, twice a year I started pulling off the fridge from the wall so that the coils can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

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It is also important that the doors are sealed securely. When the doors are sealed loosely cool air seeps out that causes the fridge to consume more power than it is supposed to. You can try out this test to find out if the doors are sealed properly. Shut the door on a currency note so that half of it is inside and half outside. If the note slips out, take the help of a professional to seal the doors. Refrigerators require ‘thermal mass’ to maintain a low temperature. So you must keep the fridge stocked even if it’s just with a few jugs of water.


Isn’t it one of those appliances you probably use the most? I personally can’t live without my microwave oven. This is why I have paid close attention to maximizing its lifespan. The first step to make your microwave last longer is to position it correctly. I took extreme care while positioning it at the right distance from the wall, considering the air vents. Generally, there should be a gap of 7 cm from the back and the side of the wall. This is the thumb rule that I followed. Cleaning the microwave regularly is the easiest way to maximize its useful life.

Before you clean the microwave make sure it’s unplugged and cooled down completely after use. A damp cloth is a good medium to clean the microwave from inside. You should only use ceramic containers, microwaveable glass, and utensils marked as microwave safe when you’re actually using the microwave. Never use foiling paper. The same is the case with utensils with metal trimmings, wooden handles, and paint.

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I’ll also advise you to use the door gently otherwise slamming the door can result in a blown fuse. This is because most ovens have three switches that have to be closed in a particular order. This can only be ensured when the door is closed lightly.

Washing Machine

On my list of ‘things I love’, food comes at the top, followed by clothes. Thus, the washing machine actually plays a very important role in my life.

Washing machines have to be maintained regularly for them to last for years. Different cities have different qualities of water. Hard water leaves micro-residuals in the machine. This affects the machine’s ability to wash clothes. The only way to get rid of this is by getting a deep cleaning your machine. I take professional help for a deep cleaning because it is more time consuming and effective.

The rubber gasket is the device in the machine that protects your clothes from suffering damage. It is also the component that goes through a lot of wear and tear. It’s present on the edge of the washer/dryer. Once you open the doors of the machine, micro dust particles enter and settle on the edge of the rubber gasket. Therefore, it’s important you clean it regularly.

Detergent spillage becomes sticky over time and starts to smell bad. I used a mild dish-washing cleaner to clean the residue and would strongly recommend it to everyone who uses a washing machine regularly.

In Conclusion

I am one of those people who would think twice before buying a new appliance. And I think in my case there has been a level of guilt associated each time I had to buy a new machine just because I was too careless to maintain the older one in the first place. I don’t want you to make the same mistake. A few bucks spent on maintaining and servicing your appliances will help you use them without any problem for years.

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