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Mental Health Care Kit

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World First Aid day has been celebrated since the year 2000 as a way to raise public awareness on how First Aid can save lives in crisis situations that may arise in our day-to-day lives. While we’re all quite aware of the importance of first aid for physical health, and may even have First Aid Kits at our homes and workplaces, knowledge about first aid in mental health is not so common.

We understand that broaching the subject of Mental Health may not be as straightforward as talking about physical health. However, it is extremely essential to be able to intervene and provide support to someone who is not in a great frame of mind.

Because this is such a sensitive and complicated topic, many of us may find it difficult to take that first step towards reaching out. And so, with the help of Life Surfers, and in collaboration with Suicide Prevention Foundation of India, we’ve put together a Mental Health Care Kit.

This Mental Health Care Kit solves the most fundamental barrier that stops people from becoming a care provider from the perspective of mental well-being – ‘How to talk about it?’. This series of 10 specially designed question flashcards, will not only help you with what to ask but also share some essential steps you can take without being a trained medical professional.

We’ve provided this kit to you in the form of digital downloadable flashcards. To download this kit, click on the button below.

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We believe, everyone has the power to help someone in need if you only care to ask.

We hope that this Mental Health Care Kit helps gives you the confidence of being able to initiate meaningful conversations and helps you get through to someone in need.

If you’ve used our Mental Health Care Kit, please share your feedback to help us help others: www.mentalhealthcarekit.in

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