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Smartphones are an inseparable part of our lives. Most of the people on this planet start their days by looking at the phone and end it doing the exact same thing. The marvelous thing is – for most of their working days, people are still busy on their phones! That’s why it does not come as a surprise when people face borderline ‘trauma’ when their phone screen cracks. If it’s your phone that has witnessed the tragedy, you are likely to make a few mistakes when getting it repaired. Why? Because your focus is on getting the device started as soon as possible and not on the efficacy of the process itself.Listed below are three mistakes that people make while getting their cracked screen repaired.

Avoid These Mistakes While Getting Mobile Screen Repaired:

Weird Internet hacks

The first thing that everybody should know is that you cannot repair the mobile screen by mending the glass. The cracked screen requires to be replaced. So all those amazing hacks available on the internet like rubbing toothpaste or baking soda on the cracks to repair it won’t work. These hacks might even further damage your phone beyond repair.

Not taking precautions before heading to the repair shop

Even if your phone is working after the accident, there is no guarantee when the screen can completely go off. Hence, whenever your phone faces any damage, the wise thing to do would be backing up the data on another data storage device like a portable hard-disk or even you’re PC.

Choosing a repair shop

The biggest mistake people make while getting their mobile screen repaired is not doing enough research on the repair shops. The first thing one should know is that Mobile repair by the manufacturer is the safest. However, it is sometimes out of budget. But not confirming the repair cost with the manufacturer and checking whether the phone is within warranty is the biggest mistake one could make. Usually, cracked screens are not even covered by manufacturer warranties.

If the manufacturer service cost is out of your budget and you are going to a regular repair shop, make sure that you do not go to a shop that is shady and offers unusually low prices. That is because they might use inferior quality parts. This will only hamper your mobile usage in the future.

In Conclusion

Don’t keep the repair pending for days. Get it fixed quickly while keeping in mind the suggestions given here. Make sure that you get your screen repaired by a reputed mobile repair shop or the manufacturer. You can also opt for the convenience of online mobile repair. Many such service providers will pick up your phone from your home or office and drop it there once it is repaired. Plus, you get the invoices in place and can focus on your work – without having to worry about following up with the repair service team.

Avoid the mistakes that are mentioned above and you will undoubtedly save your phone from further harm.


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