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6 Simple Steps to Recover Android Mobile Data

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We don’t just carry our phones with us. We carry part of our life in them. Today, we feel more disturbed if our internet stopped working for a few minutes. Worse, we panic when our smartphones suddenly appear to go missing.

They have become an integral part of our lives. The aspect here is more than the materialistic possession of a device. It’s about what is in it. From that one special photo that is probably lying dormant in our gallery for a decade to something as confidential as our financial apps and passwords, we carry a lot of data and information our life depends on.

And when we lose our smartphone or we replace an old one, what goes away with the device is also the data stored in it. Sometimes, a virus, corrupt memory card or device malfunctioning also deletes existing data.

If you have had such similar experiences, where some of your most important chunks of data have gone missing, we have stumbled upon an effective way to recover them.

From your contacts, videos and notes to documents and notes, you could receive them all. This infographic shows you exactly how to recover lost data in your Android device.

To recover data, you only need four things:

  • Your Android phone with the memory card you intend to recover data in
  • A laptop or a PC
  • A USB cable
  • And Android Data Recovery software

With a simple user interface and usability, the app seamlessly allows you to recover lost data. So, make use of this software, get back your old data and have peace of mind.

Also, share this infographic with your friends and family and help them recover a lost piece of themselves in their phones.

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