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4 Must-Have Appliances to Help You with Your Home Cleaning!

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Who doesn’t like to live in a clean and healthy home? The problem arises when you have to get out of your bed and clean the home. Now that is a task most of us are not ready to sign for. I am a member of this club.  But lately, I have understood that home cleaning has to be done one or the other way. So, the smart way to do this would be by minimizing your efforts.

Here are four must-have appliances that help me keep my house clean and healthy:

Must Have Home Appliances


Every ‘social’ animal knows the cost of throwing a party at one’s own place. What worries people is not the price of food and drinks but the efforts they’ll have to put into cleaning their homes. The most dreadful part after a party is the phase where you are standing by the sink and just praying for the dishes to clean themselves. Guess what – it’s possible.

Dishwashers are not common in India. Especially because we either have house help or we take care of things by ourselves. That said – I have never felt happier in throwing a party at my place, because I know the dishwasher will make the job much, much easier for me.

Vacuum Cleaner

Mopping the floor is a figuratively dreadful task. Just putting the mop to the floor and rubbing it out seems like so much work! I never thought cleaning my house would be so much fun, only if I used a vacuum cleaner.

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When I saw the first vacuum cleaner, I think I was ten years old. I used to call it the ‘dust eating monster’. Now, when I have to clean my house, I plug in my earphones and dance across the house with my ‘dust eating monster’. And voila! My house is nice and clean in no time.

Air Purifier

Do you worry about the air quality of your house? Trust me, these days most people do, given the alarming levels of air pollution. Even I did the same until a few weeks ago.

Inhaling dust particles or other pollutants can be lethal for lungs in the long run. It culminates into many respiratory diseases. But can you do anything to improve the air quality of the home? Yes, you can purchase an air purifier, as I did. Paper or mesh filter traps dust particles present in the air. What more could I ask for! I noticed a huge difference in the air quality of my house after I brought in the air purifier. Trust me on this, even you will see the changes yourself.

Air purifiers are easy to install and affordable at the same time. Don’t think twice before purchasing it.

Kitchen Chimney

This is not an everyday appliance and will hold no relevance if you don’t own a home. But at some point in your life, you will own and house and you will hate to see the stained walls. Moreover, cleaning the kitchen roof is a herculean task in itself. A kitchen chimney will save your kitchen from the smoke that is produced mostly when you are cooking. The day I arranged for the down payment of my house, I also decided to install a kitchen chimney. Sure, you have to get your chimney cleaned once in a while; but it’s much easier to get it done than to fix the irrevocable damage that the smoke can do to your kitchen ceiling and walls.

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In Conclusion

Home cleaning is important. So, instead of procrastinating over it, just make it a part of your life. That will happen only when you have simplified the process for yourself. These must have home appliances will help you do exactly that! Happy home cleaning.

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