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Must Have Mobile Accessories For Backpacking Trip

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Away from the chaotic urban lifestyle awaits a chance to explore your love for traveling or wanderlust. And backpacking is one of the best options to enjoy your travel life with a limited budget in hand. That’s what my best friend, Shweta and I decided to do as soon as we started our corporate journey together. Saving our leaves, and traveling to new places was always on our minds to have the much needed work-life balance.

We were planning our first backpacking trip to Hampi, an ancient village in Karnataka. The itinerary had already been scheduled, and we were going to leave after a week for our 10-day trip. Now, we were meeting to discuss our packing essentials, as we needed to travel light on the trip.

I spotted her on our usual park bench. Sneaking up behind her, I whispered, “Hey babe, how ya doing?”

She stared at me, arched her eyebrows and responded, “Like, seriously? What am I supposed to do? Blush like Phoebe?”

I muttered, “Huh! Spoilsport”, and took a seat beside her.

She looked frustrated, and I immediately knew something at the office must have soured her mood.

I nudged her and she opened up, “Yaar, when I was about to leave office, Thanos (our nickname for her boss) came and asked me to prepare a client presentation by first half tomorrow. What does he think? Like, I have no life beyond those four walls of the office? Chuck this and let’s start ticking off the items from our list.”

Importance of Mobile Accessories

“Cool. So, clothes, toiletries, first-aid, cash, blah blah. A colleague of mine who went backpacking before suggested we carry the required mobile accessories ’cause it’s beneficial. We will be camping a lot so it’s better to be prepared.

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Shweta was quickly typing on her phone and said, “Give me a minute to Google this stuff.”

So, I started with explaining the basic stuff, “Well, a 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank, one each for both of us, and a portable hot-spot. Your phone needs a type C USB cable.”

Still glued to the phone, Shweta replied, “Yeah, we will carry our USB cables. Google also talks about carrying a universal adapter. So, let’s add it to our list.  At the hostels, we can get our phones and power banks charged simultaneously.”

She continued, “Bluetooth speaker. We won’t be travelling on the bus or train tops, but it’s fun listening to music with fellow tourists. I have one so we are sorted.”

“Uhm, Cool”, I replied. “I’m carrying my headphones.”

She looked hurt and said, “Why do you need them? I will sing to you. You know how much I love singing.”

I said, “Oh yeah, my headphones will save me from your singing.”

She scoffed angrily, “You’re just jealous, girl”

I nodded, “You wish. I can be more melodious while eating a melody.”

With a disgusted look, she said “Ewww. I just choked on the melody I was eating”

I rolled my eyes and continued, “I am carrying a selfie stick too. Since we are already experimenting with this backpacking thing, let’s capture these memories properly.”

Shweta responded with a smile, “True, bro. I am super excited. Our first backpacking trip; let’s not miss anything at all and make this journey a memorable one.”

A backpacking trip with your best friend. What more can you ask for?

Bidding each other good-bye, they left for home. They felt prepared and less anxious about their backpacking trip. It was going to be filled with surprises like all backpacking trips. But at least, they were going to be as prepared as they could.

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