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New House Checklist: Things You’ll Need for Your First Home

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The signatures are done, amounts have been transferred, and you have got your papers of ownership. Well, kudos on buying a new home. But you are not done yet, albeit, the main work begins now and because now you have to prepare a list of things to buy for a new house.

Indeed, a new home will require the creme de la creme appliances, accessories, and items that provide a unique aesthetic appeal to your new home. Well, this checklist will serve your purpose, from the kitchen to the living room and from the master bedroom to the bathrooms, find out everything that you will need for your new house.

There are celebrations all around, and at this time of fervour, it is normal to miss out a couple of essential items, happens to the best of us. Or there might be some things that are not fit for your new house, measurement-wise. Before moving on to the list of things to buy for a new house, make sure to take a good look at the house.

New House Checklist

Some Basic Essentials

Bare Necessities by Phil Harris, isn’t it a great song? Well, moving into a new house also requires you to focus on the bare necessities first. Note down the width of the walls (for curtains), measure the cabinet, the chimney space, kitchen cabinet, among other things. Plus, there are a few pre-moving items that you need to cross off the list.

This includes getting internet, cleaning, and other small fittings to make the house look somewhat ready.

Some Other Things to Consider

Moving on, a few other things to buy is a tool kit because you cannot call the repair guy for punching a just one nail in the wall at your new house. But most importantly, if you have bought your new house from a previous owner, get new locks and a revamped security system. Check the previous data storage endpoints, and install your hard drives, get the surveillance system monitored.

More importantly, make sure to locate the shut-off valves and circuit breakers for the house. If something is missing, broken, or damaged, make sure to include it on the things to buy for a new house list.

Home and Technology

Now that you have the freedom to start everything from scratch let’s begin by including some useful technological innovations essential for your new house.

Smart Home Controllers: Bluetooth speakers like Alexa and Echo are prime examples of applications on the Internet of Things and help control several other devices in your home. Furthermore, small appliances like Wink Hub are like taking a step in the future. This small device can control everything from hue lighting, Google Home, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Home Control

Things To Buy For A New House Checklist

Kitchen Essentials for New Home

If the kitchen is a chef’s gateway to paradise, the tools and items of the kitchen are the wings that will help them fly. With this in mind, you will find the most important kitchen essentials as a part of our things to buy for a new house discussion.


Cooking Basics


Starting with the cooking pans, any kitchen cannot do without a non-stick frying pan, saucepans, sheet pans, and stockpot.


Three kinds of knives, Chef’s knife, Serrated Knife, and a Paring knife will be more than enough to handle 99% of the kitchen’s cooking tasks. Added to this, don’t forget to buy spoons, tongs, peeler, measuring cups, and a whisk.

Basic Tools:

Here we would like to add to the list a cutting board, prep bowls, and can opener to the list.

Kitchen Appliances

Well, we can’t live without technology, can we? On the brighter side, technology has made us more efficient and fast in whatever we do. So, why shy away from it and especially when you are looking to add great innovations to your kitchen. Any kitchen will be incomplete without these appliances and the maintenance of home appliances is also important.

Kitchen Appliances


Consider your requirements before choosing the right microwave for your kitchen. A new-age microwave will not only help warm the food but also prepare new dishes.

Coffee Maker:

No morning is complete without coffee prepared from authentic ground beans. Plus, a coffee maker is also a great appliance to enhance kitchen aesthetics.


Immersion blenders are good for preparing shakes and puree and have become an essential item of the things to buy for a new house However if you are looking for more power, go for a stand blender that can squish, smush, disintegrate anything.

Rice Cookers:

Rice cookers are those magical appliances that will take raw rice and turn them into luscious and ready-to-eat ultra-white rice. And that is not even the best part. You don’t have to do anything, just add water and rice, easy does the task.

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Instant Pots:

Instant pots are one of those revolutionary products that can wear any hat. Be it a slow cooker, pressure cooker or even if you want to saute or steam the food. It can do anything that you want it to do.

Food Processor:

This is for those who don’t like to spend time cutting the vegetables by hand (although it is fun). Added to this, a good food processor for your new house’s kitchen is a great appliance to prepare veggie fritters.

Toaster and Oven:

Lastly, every household needs a good toaster cum oven for making crispier bread. Plus, most probably, you will want to go easy on the first breakfast in your new house, and what’s lighter and easier to prepare than a bread toast?

Kitchen Necessities

It seems like we can’t get enough of helping you make the most tech-savvy and ready to become the stage of the next MasterChef sort of kitchen. Well, this is the last kitchen segment in things to buy for a new house checklist.

New House Checklist


Well, saying that “no kitchen is complete without linens” seems like a cliche, but you cannot deny that it is the truth. Dark napkins, white napkins, grey napkins (choose two out of three), flour sack towels, and potholders are key to maintaining a clean and smudge-free kitchen. Don’t forget about them!

Dish Soaps:

Look for a dish soap that is safe for your hands, can remove even the most stubborn stains, and is eco-friendly.

Storage Baskets:

Mesh baskets are super cool storage containers that can hold everyday items while ensuring better organization. Silicone zip bags, zip locks are good for storing leftover foods and cut vegetables.

Dry Goods Containers:

Don’t you think that the glass made dry goods containers look amazing on the top shelves, where the kids can’t reach?

Label Maker:

If this were Monica’s kitchen, the label maker might have been at the top of the things to buy for a new house No, we are not saying that you have OCD, but keeping things organized never hurt anyone, plus it saves you from anxiety and stress of not finding the items.

Oil Containers:

These long and slim bottle containers come attached with a spill-proof nozzle to pour the oil in the pan with ease while preventing splashes.

Dish Drainer:

You wouldn’t want your new kitchen shelf to flood with water dripping from the utensils. So, include a dish drainer on the list.

Living Room Furniture Essentials For New Home

At last, we are out of the kitchen, and we would say that it was time well spent. Now that your kitchen is all set to rock, let’s move on to the living room adventures. Well, looking to the fact that it is living in the area of the house with the highest footprint, don’t get inspired by Mr Scrooge while buying things for your living room.

New House Checklist

Sofa Set:

Depending on the number of people in the house, buy an appropriate sofa set. One large 3 or 4 seater sofa is essential because sometimes the husband might have to sleep in it. So, prepare for your nights sleeping alone beforehand.

Coffee Table:

Try fusing style with accessibility. An ideal coffee table should have a couple of storage shelves for better organization and if there are small kids in the house, try not to buy something with too much glass.


Well, some might consider rugs as a decorative item for the living and nothing but an additional expense on your list of maintenance and cleaning tasks. But, a well-made rug does act as an embellishment but also insulates the room in teeth-chattering winters.


Where will you keep all the stuff once you have unpacked everything? Storage spaces like cabinets, shelves, or even a TV cabinet is essential for the living room.

Bathroom Essentials Checklist For New Home

Well, all the bathroom stuff is too appealing that we often forget about, again “Bare Necessities”. We think this song should be the anthem of every “thing to buy for a new house” checklist. So, what do you think is essential to buy for your new house’s bathroom?

New House Checklist

Plunger and Scrubber:

First off buy a good quality toilet plunger and scrubber. Plus, make sure to buy a pair for each bathroom. Combine this purchase with an effective cleaning solution that will help keep the toilet clean.

Toilet Paper:

We don’t think this needs a mention, but still wouldn’t want you to enter your new house without a toilet paper.


Well, when it comes to towels, there are five different kinds of these things that you can buy. For now, we would like you to include performance towels and solid bath towels.

Soaps and Lotions:

Go for something that not only disinfects and cleans but also smells great. And add a small hand towel to the list that is needed by the sink’s side.

Bins and Storage Solutions:

Well, the need for a trash bin in the bathroom does not need an explanation, but make sure to buy one with a lid. When it comes to storage solutions, consider the bathroom’s size first. If you can fit a medium-sized cabinet inside, great. If not, then go for storage boxes.

Household Items Checklist

The things to buy for a new house checklist for household items will include every other household item that is essential before and after moving in.

Home Decor

Side Tables:

Small side tables are versatile pieces of furniture that can be adjusted in any room as long as they resonate with the room’s outlook. Because looks are important too, so, you can add them to the list but buy as per the need.

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Hangers and Shoe Rack:

Hangers are essential for almost every clothes cabinet. Further, make sure to buy a reliable and stable shoe rack, not the ones which wiggle every time you touch them. They should have a solid base.

Ironing Board:

Well, of course, if you buy an iron board, an iron will accompany. But, don’t leave out an ironing board, let them stay together.


We have included a vacuum cleaner on the things to buy for a new house list, but a broom and a dustpan are also essential for every house, let alone a new house. Plus, they won’t punch a big hole in your pocket, brooms are pretty cheap.

Cleaning Agents:

There are all sorts of cleaning agents with specific chemical makeup that is best for the different types of flooring material. Marble, tiles, ceramic, wood and so on, buy a particular cleaning agent for best results.

Curtains and Drapes:

No, we didn’t forget about them. Curtains are indeed one of the essential aspects of a new household and hold a special place in things to buy for a new house However, always make sure that you buy the right curtains for every room while considering the length, insulation requirements, and colour scheme.

Vacuum Cleaner

The market for vacuum cleaners is flooded with a huge variety of cleaners boasting various features and functions that you may not even use. So, the best bet is first to understand the requirements.

In any case, you have the option to buy a hand vacuum and a floor vacuum cleaner for best results. Hand vacuums assist in keeping the sofas and beds clean, so yes they are essential and a necessity if you want to live in a clean and hygienic environment.

Outfitting the Rest of the House

Outfitting implies all sorts of items and fittings that you need to buy, install or add to your house to prepare for a specific purpose. For instance, if there is a small child in the house who is big enough to write his/her own adventures in the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms, outfitting is essential.

In case of a kid, you may need to add cabinet locks, install enough cushioning on the floor, make sure that the table edges are not blunt, glass is shredded and so on.

So final things to buy for a new house outfitting checklist can be decided on a case by case basis.

Home Lighting

New House Checklist

We think that lighting is often ignored and underrated when it comes to creating a conducive environment. But we won’t let you do that. First, you should know how much natural lighting your house receives? The areas with wall-sized windows will get more light, no doubt in that.

Opposed to this, there must be areas that are not so fortunate. Also, a couple of lamps will not harm anybody. Apart from this, it is not essential to buy fancy lighting fixtures. Keep it simple and steady. Too many changes in the lighting under one roof won’t feel comfortable, trust us.

Have you noted down everything?

That is it from our side. We have helped you create one of the most remarkable and super cool things to buy for a new house checklist. Now all you have to do is start shopping.

What is the first thing to do when moving into a new house?

Irrespective of the fact that you are moving into a brand new house or a pre-owned one make sure to check the locks and the security system first. Next, check for any sort of leaks or damages to the property and lastly, prepare things to buy for a new house checklist. Added to this, get it cleaned thoroughly before you move in for the first time.

What is a Good Luck gift for a new home?

There are several housewarming gifts that you can buy. If you want to go the traditional bake or buy bread for the new homeowners. If not, then you can also give wine, houseplants, honey, sugar, rice, pineapple, or a broom. They may seem a bit odd, but all these items have a meaning attached and are known to bring good luck to the house.

What are the five good features of an ideal house?

Initially, an ideal house must be built with good quality construction materials. Secondly, every good house needs to be well aerated and boast appropriate space for ventilation. Added to this, the interior designing and aesthetics must be ergonomic. This is followed by ascertaining the quality of the materials used. Lastly, it must have enough space for the entire family to live comfortably.

When should you buy furniture for a new house?

Buying furniture must always be followed once the interior designing is complete and this includes everything from the paint to flooring and adding the fittings. This is because the house’s furniture needs to be in sync with the interior design and fittings including the curtains, rugs, and everything else. Plus, give priority to the bedroom and living room furniture.

What should you do in a new house?

Well, this is your house and you can do whatever you want in it. If you want advice, start with a housewarming party and call all your dear ones to come and give their good wishes. Once all that is done, you also need to prepare a maintenance plan for the new house. Because your house is as good as your efforts to sustain its health and environment. So, keep it clean, well lit, and maintained.

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