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My job demands frequent traveling. I travel constantly for my work from Mumbai to Bangalore and on weekends I am back home. Due to the hectic schedule and traveling, I am unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep and there are no specific timings for my lunch & dinner. During my last trip to Bangalore, I was not feeling well when I started my journey from Mumbai. I thought it was sleep deficiency and I could manage to sleep on the flight. By the time I checked-in my hotel room, it was midnight and I had a severe headache.

Due to my demanding career, I choose an online doctor consultation for regular medical consultation. It preserves considerable time for me and is professional. I was diagnosed with migraine and carried adequate medications along with me. During my previous online consultation, I was informed to consult with a doctor before taking any medications because I was recovering. I went into my room and accessed the app to begin the consultation process.

I scheduled an appointment with the doctor in a few minutes and discussed with him about my condition. As I was a follow-up patient, my medical records were preserved by the platform. In case you are logging in for the first time, following are the five medical reports you should get hold of before scheduling an online appointment. For an effective diagnosis, these reports are demanded by the doctor.

Reports Needed For Online Doctor Consultation

CBC Test Report:

A CBC report or complete blood count report gives the doctor an idea about your blood profile. This can help him/her in understanding important details about your internal health. If you have been suffering from a disease for a long time, then a CBC test report can help a doctor identify the underlying cause.

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Pathology Report:

Pathologists check your body tissues under a microscope to understand any medical issue within your body. If you are particularly looking for a treatment of an issue that has been haunting you for ages, it is recommended that you have a pathology report handy.

Past Prescriptions:

When you consult a doctor online, he/she doesn’t have any idea about your past medical history. If you forget to mention any important details it can affect the diagnosis. So, if you have any past prescriptions or medical records, you should just have them by your side.

Most Recent Health Checkup Report:

If you had undergone any significant test such as a stool test or a testosterone level test, it would make a lot of sense to keep those reports handy as well. Even if these reports don’t show anything relevant to your ongoing problem, they do give your doctor a more comprehensive understanding of your physical condition.

Physical Examination Report:

A physical examination report contains important details about your physical well-being. If you are suffering from shoulder pain or any kind of trouble after an injury, it is recommended to get hold of a physical examination report before your online doctor appointment.

Reports and accurate description of your condition will help the doctor in understanding your case. You can opt for consultation of any medical conditions like thyroid, back pain, pregnancy, or just a chronic disease. The doctor might ask some questions during the online appointment. The reports will help you stay prepared for such questions. It is recommended that you preserve a soft copy of all the reports since that would help you send the reports to the doctor at a moment’s notice. Caringlyours.

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