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How Online Services Helped Me In Finding An Electrician?

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The era of internet has revolutionized our socioeconomic life. Along with various other spheres, it has added a new dimension in service delivery, as thousands of service providers have listed themselves online. As an early adapter, I was the first among my friends to embrace this shift. I wen about exploring the various opportunities that web-based technology presented before us.

On a sunny Tuesday morning in June, I went to visit my friend Aryan. He resides on the 2nd floor of a gloomy building. I called my friend and asked him to switch on the bulb as there was a complete darkness in the stairwell. He scoffed and said that the light-bulb isn’t working since years! Instead, he suggested that I turn on my mobile’s flashlight and come up.

As I walked into his living room and reclined on the sofa, he went in to get some drinks. I had cycled to his place, and the mercury was moving north outside. While sipping on the beverage he brought me, I casually asked Aryan to turn on the air conditioner. He smiled sheepishly and confessed that the AC had been out of order for about a month now.

Aryan further said that the electrician who usually repairs all electrical appliances in his building had been delaying a visit. Since he had a monopoly in such repair works in the area, Aryan was sure that the delay was a deliberate tactic to jack up the charges.

I gestured at him with my fingers to look at my phone as I pulled up an app that offered technicians and experts for various household services. Aryan immediately started the typical techno-phobic muttering about how he doesn’t understand online services and how he might be duped of by an unknown electricians and other ridiculous fears!

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I promised him that I would get the light bulb of the stairwell as well as his room’s AC fixed at a reasonable rate on that day itself! Looking for a new excuse, Aryan complained about not having enough time that day. So, I asked him what time he preferred the electrician to come? Aryan looked a little puzzled. He had never comprehended that the service provider could seek an appointment to visit a customer.

Seeing Aryan indecisive, I booked a slot for the electrician to come within the hour and let him know about it. Aryan looked sceptical. But for my reputation as a man of my words, he chose to wait and see.

While catching up on each other’s lives and sharing stories from our workplaces, I kept a check on my wristwatch. The doorbell rang after a little over 45 minutes and the app informed that the electrician had arrived at your doorstep. From an app with many recommendations and high praises about the quality of service and timeliness, I expected nothing less.

I informed him about the repair requirements. Immediately swinging into action, he took out a light bulb from his service kit, changed the bulb and even cleaned the cobweb from the area and turned the light on! Aryan looked at me with his eyes widened.

Next, the electrician got up on the ladder and examined the AC. Upon inspection, he discovered that the problem was with the capacitor. He quickly shuffled through his kit and pulled out a brand-new capacitor. The replacement took about 10 minutes, and the system was back in business, beating the summer heat.

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Aryan kept on staring at me, but I could see a smile taking shape on his face. We both thanked the electrician for his quick and effective service. As Aryan enquired about the charges, he said that the payment had already been taken care of and left. As he looked at me quizzically, I joked that I have already paid the service charges online as I must take care of my miser friend. I gave the electrician a 5-star rating on the app and happily went back to my home after spending some good time with my friend.

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