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I have always been a bit fussy about things like reliability, consistency, service standards and quality. Being in the service industry myself, I never understood how people who claim to earn their living by serving clients afford to offer low-grade services.

The problem I am going to share with you today is something you might have experienced at some point in your life – it is a pain in finding a carpenter for small repair and refurbishing tasks at home. I guess you’ll relate to it now. Mostly, the carpenters we find around our city are highly disorganized and don’t work according to instructions.

On top of it, there is no guarantee that they will come for the work, even after you have asked them and provided them with an advance. The whole gig economy in India depends on trust. But generally, service providers don’t respect timelines. There are considerable hurdles in finding a person whom you can trust and who offers prompt service delivery.

Troubles I faced in finding a reliable carpenter

My problems began when the table my kids used in the study room was damaged due to routine usage. And as my kids are used to a table, their routine was disturbed because of this contingency. So, I decided to hire a carpenter for repairs and for other small tasks around the home, which were long impending.

I evaluated the option of buying furniture online or in local markets but was not convinced of the quality. In the past, my father used to take such decisions. So, I was not much aware about what to do when this problem arose. As I was not convinced about buying a new table, I thought of hiring a carpenter to repair the existing one.

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But I was stuck in my search process, too. Despite having so many online platforms for finding local businesses, I couldn’t find any reliable carpenter because no platform verified their skills. Here are other things that I struggled with:

  • Most of the online information I found was outdated (wrong numbers, addresses or totally different line of work)
  • No carpenter was interested in coming down to my home to evaluate the work needed to be done
  • Most demanded advance payment and gave vague ideas on how soon they can start
  • No one was professional and most of the local ones were not interested in answering phone calls

Whoever I contacted had the same tone and attitude- that if I want to get work done, I need to wait for them to get free with whatever they are doing; it might even take months. No one was interested in doing such small work and hence I got exorbitant quotes. That’s when I realized that there should be a platform where I can hire an expert and professional carpenters and other professionals.

Why I only want to hire an experienced and verified professional?

Like I said before, I have had bad experiences with service professionals and cannot tolerate unprofessional-ism. So, I am adamant that I would only hire a verified professional for my woodworking and carpentry needs. Here is why I only want to hire an expert:

  • Verified professionals know what they are doing and don’t overcharge for their services
  • They don’t waste time by beating around the bush
  • I can check out their service reviews online and make an informed decision
  • In case I am not satisfied I can give them negative feedback so that others know about it
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My journey to find a verified professional for my tasks is not yet complete, mainly because I couldn’t find a proper online platform to find verified professionals. I am still looking for a professional carpenter in my area. I suggest you should find and make use of specialized online platforms that have verified professional profiles instead of general ones.

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