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Personal Hygiene For Kids: Types & How to maintain Personal Hygiene Routine

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From viral to bacterial infections, a simple habit of washing your hands before each meal can even stop an epidemic, according to the doctors. Teaching your kids such basic hygiene methods can help them stay safe and healthy in the face of an epidemic like the coronavirus.

This apart, basic hygiene for kids also has some far-reaching health benefits and following it regularly can help them keep chronic diseases and infections at bay.

I have two boys of ages 6 and 10, and I understand the toll it takes on a parent to get your kids disciplined and practise personal hygiene. They play around, get dirty and tend to have food with those muddy hands.

But when I scold them, they unwillingly get up from the dining table and wash their hands with soap and water. I also make sure that they wash their hands after cuddling Bingo, our big canine companion, a golden retriever, who loves to play in the dirt. However, I make sure he gets a good bath too, no matter how much he rebels against it.

As you ask me, nothing can be more difficult and tedious than following basic hygiene for kids, who aren’t ready to listen at all. But I’ve managed to do so, thanks to my patience and level of tolerance. You can follow my suggestions regarding personal hygiene for kids to help them lead healthier, happier lives.

What is personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene is a series of practices such as bathing and washing to take care of your body and with it, health. Throughout the day, thousands of germs and viruses stall on your body, and if not taken care of, they can make you sick. 

Thus, to prevent this, we practice personal hygiene daily. It prevents any harmful germs, viruses, or dirt from entering your body to keep you fit and active, and even make you feel confident about your appearance. 

Types of Personal Hygiene

There are many types of Personal Hygiene regimes that you must follow to let your offspring lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Specifically, there are six types of personal hygiene for kids, namely toilet, shower, nail, teeth, sickness, and hand.

Toilet hygiene consists of washing your hands with a bar of soap for a good 20 to 30 seconds after using the toilet. Similarly, shower hygiene tells you to shower twice daily as it helps in washing away all the germs and dirt from your body. 

Nail hygiene is basically keeping the nails dirt-free and cutting them once in every week. Further, brushing the teeth twice, daily, once in the morning and before going to bed, constitutes good teeth hygiene.

Sickness hygiene is taking proper rest when the kids feel sick to let the body recover from the sickness and also, to avoid spreading germs to one another. During such times, ensure that the child follows a strict dietary routine and eats only fresh and completely cooked food. 

Hand hygiene prompts washing your hands before and after eating food. Washing the hands is also essential after the kids sneeze as it helps maintain cleanliness and stop bacteria from spreading.

How to maintain a personal hygiene routine?

Maintaining a personal hygiene routine for kids is indeed very simple. You just have to make them follow specific steps, and your kids would be sheltered from viruses and germs in no time. Ask them to start their day with brushing and a mild shower, with no exceptions whatsoever.

If they go outside to play or indulge in physical activity through the day, tell them to not go to high bushes or any place with a lot of dirt because mostly, these places are most certain sources of dangerous mosquitoes and germ.  

Be sure to properly wash their hands when they reach home from school to eliminate any unwanted virus. Again, thoroughly wash your hands before and after dinner. Before going to bed, brush your teeth to remove all the unwanted plaque that can cause gum disease in the long run.

Underarm care is also very important, as it is a primary source of sweat and odour, which can make them look dirty and messy. So ask them to thoroughly clean the underarm section every day and apply a gentle deodorant on it.

In case your child is feeling sick, avoid making him go outdoors or at any crowded place, as you will intensify his disease by not giving him the necessary rest and even spread the unwanted germ to others through coughing or sneezing.

Personal Hygiene Tips For Kids

Trim their nails once in a week

The children’s nails accumulate a lot of dirt, mud and food particles that need to be cleaned from time to time. Make sure you trim your kids’ nail once in every week to keep them clean and free of dirt. Clean toenails also prevent adverse, painful conditions like athlete’s foot.

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Ask them to bathe regularly

Your child may not want to bathe in cold water during winter. Make sure you have a geyser installed in your home to prevent them from using the cold as an excuse not to bathe regularly.

This is an essential requirement of personal cleanliness for kids and adults alike. It not only keeps the body clean but also improves mental health. How you do feel after taking a warm bath? Yes! It rejuvenates your body, mind and spirit, and so it does for your kids.

Brush the teeth after each major meal

Generally, you should ask your kids to brush their teeth twice a day. It helps them get rid of the food particles that may be stuck in between the teeth and cause discomfort. You should also take them to the dentist once in a month to have their teeth flossed.

Regular flossing ensures strong, healthy gums and keeps gum diseases at bay. Weak gums can cause immense pain while chewing or swallowing food, so flossing can reduce the risks of such issues.

Wash the school uniform after one use

You should make it a habit of getting your children’s school uniform washed after using once. This is extremely crucial during the hot summer months when the clothes get sweaty and create a perfect haven for germs and bacteria. You should also wash their shoes every week to keep your kids’ feet free from germs and fungal infections.

Wrapping it up

As children, it’s normal for them to play in the dirt, get dirty and come home with stained clothes. As a parent, it should be your responsibility to teach them the importance of personal hygiene and make them follow the same. With time, they will grow a habit of it, and you won’t have to remind them every moment. Till then, try to be as clingy as possible, no matter how much they complain about it.

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Why Should We Maintain personal hygiene?

There are many crucial reasons why kids should maintain strict personnel hygiene. First and most important is their health. Good personal hygiene is one of the best ways to keep diseases at bay and help them lead a healthy life. Further, maintaining good hygiene is also beneficial for cognitive development as it contributes to a confident and positive overall personality

What are the benefits of good hygiene?

Good hygiene always leads to a healthier lifestyle. If your kids feel well from the inside, it significantly improves their performance and boosts their confidence to another level. Personal hygiene for kids can escalate their speed of learning and their physical growth to quite an extent. And most of all, it prevents them from untimely sickness and keeps the little ones fit in the long run.

What happens if you have bad hygiene?

Bad hygiene can deteriorate your kid’s health and lifestyle to quite an extent. Improper health care regime or something as basic as washing hands before or after eating can breed trouble. Bad hygiene also affects their looks making you appear shabby and uncomfortable. But most importantly, it hugely affects your confidence.

How to maintain personal hygiene?

To maintain good personal hygiene for your kids, make them wash their hands regularly to avoid germ build-up. Ask them to drink plenty of water during the day to keep the water level of their body intact. Also, tell them to brush their teeth twice a day, once in the morning, and once before sleeping. And finally, a regular bathe with soap to rinse off the dead skin on the body.

Why is personal hygiene important?

Personal hygiene is very important for kids and leads them towards a more balanced and healthy life. Building good personal hygiene over the years can have a profound, positive impact on their life and your health. Even, the people around will also be impacted by this as they will also get inspired to do the same.

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