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Infographic – Petrol Or Diesel Car? Which To Choose?

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Every new car aspirant has just one question in mind and it’s not about the make and manufacturer of the car, the model, the color or more. It’s always about whether they should go for petrol cars or diesel cars.

Like the chicken and egg problem, the answer to this is not clear. Petrol cars and diesel cars offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s always tough to zero in on the model you would want to buy.

When you go about asking your friends and family for answers, you would hear mixed responses. Your boss might ask you to go for a diesel car because of the driving experience and your friend might ask you to go for a petrol car for a reason stemming from his own personal experience.

In the end, it’s you who is eventually left confused. That’s why you need an objective approach to deciding between a petrol car and a diesel car. And that’s exactly the reason why we came up with this infographic content.

Here, we have brought out the major differences between a petrol car and a diesel car without arriving at any substantial conclusions. We genuinely believe that it all boils down to personal convenience and requirements. And when you read through the entire differences list, you will know which model makes sense according to your budget and needs.

So, head to the infographic to understand the factors that differential petrol and diesel cars and arrive at your own conclusion.

If you have a friend who needs to see this, share the infographic with them and help them decide, too.

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