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Arthritis can cause pain and swelling in your joints. The effect of it worsens as you grow older. It starts demanding one or the other kind of treatment. Some suggest bed rest for its cure. While others believe that booking a doctor’s appointment for his aid is the best option. I feel that physiotherapy can be a better alternative. The main object of physiotherapy sessions is to diminish the consequences of arthritis. It can take a long time but the outcomes are beneficial.

People don’t usually know about the basics of physiotherapy. So, I have picked up the five most frequently asked questions about physiotherapy for arthritis. This would help you to learn more about it.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment procedure that involves various aspects for helping you feel better. It is handled by a qualified and trained individual called physiotherapist. They make you walk, move or exercise within certain prescribed limits. They also offer medication depending on your requirements. In short, they cater to the needs of every individual patient. They are preferred nowadays because they are a specialized group of people for handling particular diseases.

What does a physiotherapist do? How can it help me with my arthritis pain?

If you approach a physiotherapist, they will prepare a customized plan for you. Such a framework would include:

  1. Appropriate body postures and minimal exercise which you are supposed to perform daily.
  2. Effective usage of assistive equipment including your walkers.
  3. Inclusion of various therapies in day to day lives. For instance, hot and cold therapy to reduce inflammation on joints.
  4. Recommendation of several alterations in your daily life. One such modification can be the replacement of your regular sofa with a comfortable cushion.
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Now, arthritis causes severe pain at the joints. You can also go for medicines or surgery, to get rid of the pain. That said, many doctors prescribe physiotherapy to target pain right at the muscular and joint level. This helps you build strength and get rid of the root cause of arthritis.

Physiotherapy, if conducted in the supervision of a professional, can help you build muscle strength. This can help you get rid of the pain in a more comprehensive manner.

What to expect from a physiotherapy session?

As I already mentioned above, such sessions are very individually specific. Hence, they are of short durations. The physiotherapist identifies the issues you have. Based on the same he provides you with a list of activities you can perform yourself. You should be open to your physiotherapist. From normal shoulder pain to serious back pain, let them know everything. They would provide you the treatment accordingly.

Several physiotherapists are trained to help you with your arthritis pain. When you are working with a physiotherapist to get rid of arthritis pain, you can expect specialized exercises that may not be a part of regular physiotherapy sessions. Some physiotherapists also use specialized equipment like finger stretchers and grip enhancers to focus on specific areas in your body.

Apart from the exercises themselves, you can also expect ice-packs or heat packs, depending on what type of arthritis you have. Some physiotherapists, who are trained in acupuncture, may perform a few procedures to help you get rid of the pain. Additionally, you can also expect pain relieving massages performed by either your physiotherapist, that help you eradicate the pain right when it starts to build up at the muscular level.

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How frequently are you supposed to visit a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy does not require everyday sessions. You need not visit your physiotherapist daily or even weekly. You can make it a habit of seeing him once a month. Share your problems with him. Give him time to analyse whatever you are facing. If need be, you can book an appointment as and when you feel necessary.

Is it easy to find a physiotherapist?

Nowadays, there are many practicing physiotherapists. But it is better if you ask a doctor about physiotherapists. He would recommend you one. And you won’t be having any doubts regarding his authenticity.

In conclusion

I would recommend not to ignore the symptoms of arthritis. You should let a physiotherapist know what your problems are. He will listen to you and help you recover. After all, you need to stay fit and healthy and not worsen with growing age.

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