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Losing pregnancy fat is not difficult, as I found out, if you follow a proper diet and exercise routine. However, you should always seek your doctor’s advice before hitting the gym post delivery.

I was, in fact, asked to stay away from strenuous exercise for at least a year, because of a few complications in my delivery. Although I wasn’t able to return to the gym, I wasn’t asked to stop working out altogether. My house has quite a large backyard, where I took regular strolls, sometimes with my baby girl, and sometimes, by myself. Walking is regarded as the best exercise for any new mom.

Postnatal Exercise For Get Back In Shape after Pregnancy

My gynecologist instructed me to start small with slow-paced relaxed walking around the lawn or the backyard (you can even walk on your terrace, if you have one) and gradually increase my speed.

After about 2 to 4 weeks of enjoying the walk, I started with some stretching and casual free-hand exercises to enliven my exhausted muscles.

Once I started feeling both physically and mentally stronger, I asked my doctor if I can try out some breathing exercises, as I have heard that they can help you lose excess fat in the abdomen.I remember, she lauded my spirit and said to my husband that he was lucky to have an energetic and positive-minded person like me as the mother of his daughter.

She then demonstrated a deep breathing exercise, where you need to take a deep breath, contract your abdominal muscles, hold it for some time, and then slowly release it.

Whenever I practiced this simple breathing exercise, I’d this overwhelming sense of relaxation, and calmness traveled through my veins. It was also good for fighting postpartum depression, my doctor said.

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Head-lifts and shoulder-lifts were recommended, as more time passed, and slowly, the complications that arose during my pregnancy and childbirth also subsided.

My walking speed increased, and I still remember the first day, when my baby girl, somehow escaped the watchful eyes of her nanny and crawled on all fours to get to me while I was working out on the lawn. It was an absolutely delightful experience.

After 8 months or so, my doctor asked me to get a Yoga instructor at home, as I was passionate about getting back in shape. I’d already lost 6 kg and wanted to lose more.My gynecologist told me that I could regain my previous form after losing about 10 to 11 kg, and I was so excited to prove those naysayers, who said that pregnancy fat seldom goes away, wrong.

I started practicing the ‘cobra pose’, the ‘bow pose’, little by little, following the strict counsel of my instructor. However, I loved the ‘pigeon pose’ the most, as it helped me get rid of some urinary problems, which I developed during my pregnancy.

After a year, when my little girl started walking on two feet, I felt a number of people, especially obese women, eyeing me with jealously. They were probably wondering how I managed to shed so many calories, post delivery, so fast.The only people who never had any doubt about the success of my goals, were my husband and my doctor. In fact, it would’ve been impossible for me to achieve this without their support.

And, not to forget, my tiny princess! I feel blessed to have her as my daughter.

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