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Cooking has always been a tiring activity for many women. Personally, I feel cooking to be quite enjoyable, but many ladies don’t take appropriate steps to make the experience better. For the starters, I can be sure that the majority of Indian women don’t know about good posture and bad posture in cooking.

I was also unaware that posture can be a determinant factor in making cooking an enjoyable activity at home. Many of my friends always complain about the back or shoulder pain they get after cooking for the entire family.

I recommend the things I am about to write down in this blog, here. Many people ask me how I don’t get tired even after cooking 3 meals for 8 members of my family every day. So, here is my secret to good health and zero stress even when I am busy cooking.

Postures To Maintain While Cooking:

I pay attention to the basics while food preparation

Many ladies don’t like the idea of spending hours in the kitchen chopping vegetables and preparing other ingredients. What they don’t understand is that with just a few tweaks to this activity, cooking can get comfortable. Here are my chopping and preparation posture hacks for everyone:

  • Always make sure that your shoulders are in a relaxed, in a downward position. Stiffing up your shoulders for a long time can be a cause for shoulder pain.
  • Make sure to tuck your chin to prevent stress and strain on your neck bone.
  • Your elbows should always be close to the sides of your body. Keeping them away can put unnecessary strain on your shoulders.
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I take short breaks in between

Taking short breaks and stretching a bit can help you immensely if you spend long hours in the kitchen. I have a habit of taking 5 minutes break every 30 minutes and stretching my hands and back when I am busy preparing an elaborate meal in the kitchen.

 I am careful while handling heavy pots and vessels

What you guys might not have thought is something that gives most pain. You are not very careful while picking up heavy utensils from the floor or climbing on a stool to take them out of a high cupboard. Always make sure that you bend with your knees instead of your back while picking up something heavy.

When you stand on a stool, make sure that you don’t put all the pressure on your wrists while taking out heavy boxes of ingredients or cutlery.

I am focused on the task at hand always

I have seen many of my friends in a hurry to complete the cooking work. And in a hurry, they often end up speeding up their activities, which is when most injuries happen. Sometimes, they end up touching a hot vessel or pick up a pot the wrong way. Pots with cooked meals can get quite heavy and if you have a low-height cooktop or an oven, you should always bend hips and knees instead of your back.

Also, you should be really careful about how you stand and move around the kitchen where several hot things are in preparation or have been prepared. That way you can avoid injuries and enjoy the experience.

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What most people forget about cooking is that it is a therapeutic activity if done right. If you take care of these simple things, you’ll never suffer from back pain or shoulder pain despite spending hours in the kitchen. So, the next time you are going to prepare a meal, keep all these points in mind and maintain a healthy posture in the kitchen.

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