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I believed that home is the safest place on earth, but it all changed when my house was almost burnt to the ground last year due to a short circuit. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But after the incident, I have been cautious about how I plan my new home to ensure something like that never happens again. I talked to a fire expert in this regard and what he told me sent shivers down my spine.

I believe everyone should know about the advice on what precautions would avoid household accidents I got from the home safety expert since it will help people have a safer home –

Precautions To Take To Avoid Household Accidents

Accidents by Falls and Slips

Falls and slips are some of the most common reasons for home accidents. Falls and slips in the house are very common. But sometimes, they can cause severe injuries. People can slip and injure themselves and the chances of this go up significantly if the floor is left greasy in any corner of the house. Using home cleaning services would ensure that there is no mould or moss growth in patio and wet areas, especially the bathrooms.

Rugs and Carpets Accidents

The rugs and carpets can be tapped to stay in one place, and non-slip mats must be placed outside the bathroom as well as to the entrance of the home. By taking small steps like these, I have managed to ensure the safety of my ageing parents and kids at home.

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Poisoning (Cleaning and Pest Removal Agents)

Poisoning is another reason behind many severe accidents that take place at home. The expert told me that it is essential that all the cleaning and pest removal agents should be kept securely and out of reach of children. Also, he said that many of the adult medicines may look like candies to kids and can lead to unwarranted health issues or even death. Since then, I have separate dedicated and locked cabinets for the house cleaning agents as well as my medicines. I have also ensured that the storage space for these medicines as well as cleaning agents is distant from the cooking and eating area.

Electric Shock Accidents

Accidents caused by electric shocks are very common. Our house has a network of wires in which flows high voltage electricity. The expert told me to watch out for any open-ended wires or any electronic socket openings that are accessible to the kids. Electrocution can cause death within seconds, so make sure to check the home wirings annually for any faults.

Also, if any of the home appliances are faulty, get it repaired before it leads to a more prominent problem. Paying for AC repair or TV repair that may lead to short-circuit is much better than paying bills at the hospital later on. I make it a point never to procrastinate repairing any faulty electronic appliances or wiring in my house.

Accidents Caused by Negligent Cooking and Gas Leakage

The expert emphasized the importance of handling fire at home cautiously, mainly because I have been through a fire accident before. He told me that most of the fire accidents at home are caused by either negligent cooking or leaking gas cylinder that went unnoticed. I have installed smoke detectors now as a precautionary measure. Also, I advise you never to take chances if you feel the gas cylinder is leaking. If you feel the gas is leaking in the house, immediately vacate the house and call either the fire-rescue department.

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Usually, you should get your gas checked as soon as you have it delivered at your place, to ensure there are no leaks whatsoever.

Accidents Caused by Smaller Toys

The expert noticed that I have two kids and thus, informed me about the dangers of choking and suffocation. Toys, especially the smaller ones, can potentially choke kids. So, always give kids the toys they can handle. Adult supervision is mandatory at all times to ensure they do not swallow or gobble up anything they shouldn’t. The children should only have access to things that are safe for them. By all means, keep plastic bags, ropes, cords, strings, electrical wirings, and such hazardous and readily available home items away from them.

In Conclusion

The fire accident at my house was more than enough to make me extra cautious. Talking with the fire expert helped me get some reassurance as well as essential tips on how I can make my home safer. I live by the tips mentioned by the experts and follow it rigidly to avoid household accidents so that I do not have to go through what I did earlier when my house was on fire. It is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. You can avoid fire and other common accidents by following the tips mentioned above.

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