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Pregnancy can be quite tiring for anyone. Many of my friends who are first time experiencing pregnancy often have asked me how I managed to stay fit and active with a baby on board. I always say one thing to them. I never let my baby exhaust me and come in between my fitness and me.

I believe if I am fit, then only I can take care of my baby. So, I often advice expecting mothers to pay attention to their fitness even after delivery. One of the best discoveries I made during my pregnancy period was the concept of primal fitness.

Primal fitness allowed me to stay in shape. It promotes the use of ancient, primal and fundamental practices to manage one’s fitness levels.

Now you might be thinking about what primal practices are. In the crudest terms, it means eating, working and exercising like ancient humans. Essentially, this means eating leafy greens without cooking, walking barefoot on grass and using ancient exercising techniques.

 How I Managed To Stay Fit During Pregnancy?

When I became pregnant, I made primal fitness the motto of my life. As it is all about living like our predecessors and being more active, many people suggested me against it as they felt this can harm the baby. But in fact, my baby is healthier than others of his age. What I did was to include these three things in my daily routine in the beginning:

  • Squatting and bench pressing
  • Walking brisk or jogging that speeds up the heart rate
  • Eating minimally processed and natural foods like fresh and raw vegetables, fruits and dairy products
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Primal lifestyle is all about taking inspirations from the ladies in the past used to do all the daily chores, bent often and lifted heavy things. Many of such things are not recommended by doctors nowadays but let me tell you, primal fitness really helped me maintain my body shape and feel more active all the time.

Here Is Something I Want To Share With All Expecting Mothers

To really stay fit, the natural way, I have compiled some simple tips which I often share with my friends and family. Today, I am sharing these with all of you so that you can also stay fit and healthy during and after pregnancy. Be sure to implement these according to your comfort level:

Perform Simple Yoga Asanas

Yoga can be a great physical exercise for expecting mothers and can improve their flexibility. It also helps in holistic well-being. Just keep in mind to perform simple asanas and make use of slow movements for maximum benefits.


Walking daily in a park can help you relieve stress and feel rejuvenated. This will help you stay relaxed during the last months of pregnancy. Also, walking ensures you stay active and mobile till the last moment which is essential for a healthy delivery.

Have a Balanced Diet

This is a fundamental tip which most modern mothers ignore. Having a balanced and nutritious diet is essential for proper growth of the baby. Also, it ensures that your body is never short of essential nutrients when your baby demands more of them. Including leafy greens, fresh fruits and dairy products can go a long way in ensuring long-term well-being and fitness

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With these tips and some more ancient practices like avoiding processed foods, you can stay healthy, fit and active until the last week of your pregnancy. Don’t forget that you need to make an honest change in your lifestyle and keep going even after delivery so that you can be fit and healthy even when your baby is with you.

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