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Professional prenatal care is now regarded as mandatory for every pregnant woman, especially for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

When I visited my gynecologist after I conceived, she recommended that I opt for professional prenatal care, because I was overweight.

My sugar levels were high and I had a high risk of developing gestational diabetes. I didn’t know how important prenatal care was until she gave me a complete rundown of the how it would benefit me and my baby. I was unaware of the risk factors of obesity, and as many uninformed women do, I conceived without much planning.

Advantages of Professional Prenatal Care

When my gynecologist was disappointed by the fact that I was past the limit of the standard body weight (BMI 30 kg/m2) of a mother-to-be, I realized that my health was in jeopardy. She asked me to opt for professional prenatal care sessions, including body weight counselling and lifestyle advice. I also had high blood pressure, which my gynecologist said was because of my excess weight.

The prenatal sessions she recommended also covered frequent screening tests to monitor changes in my body during pregnancy.

I stuck to a diet chart, which they created especially for me by a nutritionist. I was given a high amount of Vitamin D supplement, as many obese women suffer from a deficiency of this nutrient. Gradually, I got rid of my excess body weight, and my gynecologist was quite pleased with the improvement. As a result of following all her instructions carefully, my pregnancy was less complicated than we expected it to be.

Although I was no more obese, I have a tendency to gain weight, and need to stay mindful of my health and diet. In my prenatal care sessions, I was also given a light workout schedule to follow, which included regular walking and yoga, and I was asked to skip the gym.

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My baby was born exactly on time, and thankfully was as healthy as any other baby. Today, no one believes me, when I say that I was so overweight in pregnancy.

Prenatal care is a must for ladies like me, who have no idea what is good for their babies or even their bodies during pregnancy. I’m ever grateful to my gynecologist for recommending it and helping me through a healthy, problem-free pregnancy.


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