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Holi, the celebration of colors, is an auspicious festival that gives you the leeway to let your hair down and hop on the fun with your friends and family. However, amid the festivities, make sure not to waste much water and keep your car or two-wheeler from looking like a mess.

There is the chance that your vehicle will look like abstract art on wheels by the end of the festivities. But fret not; read on to know some of the best tips to protect your car or two-wheeler from stains and damages this Holi.

Tips to Protect Your Car or Two-wheeler from Stains

Protection Is Better Than Cure! 

Protect Your Vehicle Now! 

1. Sort out the parking space

This is where you begin. If you have a closed parking space, you have one less thing to think about. However, if you share your parking space (within an apartment or on the road, for instance), it is advised to use a car cover. Don’t forget to cover the wheels and tie up the ends so that it stays in place.

Be it on Holi or any other day, using a car body cover is the key to protecting its exterior from stains and other damages.

2. Spruce up your car in advance

If you have to take out your vehicle on Holi, make sure it has gotten a coat of wax in advance. You can buy car wax online and apply it yourself. The idea is to make sure that colours – no matter how organic or chemical-free they are – don’t cause any damage to your vehicle.

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Also, a fresh coat of paint and car wax will keep your car/two-wheeler summer-ready. Importantly, a Teflon coating – acting as a double protective sheath for the paint – is a good idea, particularly if your car or two-wheeler is relatively new.

3. Don’t overlook the interiors

Avoid the common mistake of ignoring the upkeep of your car’s interiors, considering friends and kids might get inside the vehicle and leave water spots and stains. Cover the seats, dashboard and the boot of your car with plastic. Keep napkins handy so that you can wipe out stains immediately.

Further, with leather seats, it is wise to use a leather protector that will not only prevent discoloration during Holi but also contribute to its durability. Also, it is advised to apply wax or oil to keep the plastic and dashboard protected. Keep a shampoo and cleaning brush handy to wipe out the stains.

4. Use specified car-care products when cleaning your vehicle at home

One of the more crucial tips to protect your vehicle from damages is to use dedicated car-care products and not detergents, in case you want to do the cleaning job at home. That’s because detergents and soaps contain inorganic chemicals and acids that will mar the paint.

On the other hand, car and other vehicle products are formulated in a way to offer additional protection.  Therefore, by applying gentle pressure, you will be able to wipe out the stains.

5. Deep clean your vehicle

It is a good idea to deep clean your vehicle once the festivities draw to a close. Be it the floor mats or exhaust tip, the professionals there will give your car the desired makeover so that it looks brand new once it is back.

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However, make sure you book an appointment beforehand, for you might find a long queue to the cleaners.

In conclusion

Another tip to protect your car or two-wheeler from stains or damages is to keep the windows rolled up at all times. Be it water balloons, colours or other pollutants; these can easily find their way into your vehicle and leave spots and stains. If the air conditioner of your car is troubling you, now would be a good time to get it fixed.

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    Hello, thanks for your blog, the tips you shared for natural hair is amazing. I also prefer natural hair and take care of them naturally. Thanks and keep sharing.


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