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Quick & Simple Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom

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There are two types of people in the world – ones who love dogs and bad people. That’s how a dog lover summarizes his unparalleled affection for dogs. And frankly, dogs are amazing! They unconditionally love you, play with you, protect you, and when they are bored, they irritate you to death.

Therefore, it is important to know when your dog is bored and imperative to know how to combat it. If you ignore your dog’s boredom, it will figure out its way, which you will not like. But before anything else, let’s discuss how to read the signs of dog’s boredom.

Signs of Dog Boredom

1. Dogs Boredom Leads to Unnecessary Barking

When we are bored, we turn on the TV, listen to music or watch random videos on YouTube. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t have access to such amenities. Therefore, they do what they do best – bark! Dog owners know very well how that constant ‘woof-woof’ can lead people to insanity; especially the neighbours.

2. A Bored Dog Chews Everything: From Shoes to Curtains

For dog owners, coming home to a devastating sight of torn apart shoes is not rare at all. And most likely, there will be an innocent dog standing right beside the shoe’s bits, as if it witnessed the crime but had no role in it.

The crime doesn’t only victimise shoes, but curtains, pillow covers and sofa-edges also bear marks of brutality. This happens because, in your absence, your dog was bored, and chewing stuff was his mode of entertainment.

3. Attention! Attention! And More Attention!

You may have noticed that sometimes your dog always tailgates you. It goes everywhere you go; barks when you are not paying attention, even though it demands it. This is another sign that your dog is bored and has nothing better to do other than seeking its owner’s attention. However, not all dogs have the same temperament. Some of them are just natural attention seekers and not bored.

Hacks to Relieve Your Dog’s Boredom

Now that you can read the signs and know when your dog is bored, here are a few hacks that can help you relieve your dog’s boredom –

1. Take Your Dog Out for A Walk

Walking Dog

There is no better way to combat a dog’s boredom than taking it out for a walk. Dogs are naturally energetic animals. They cannot idly sit at one place throughout the day like us humans. As a dog owner, you must pay attention to your dog’s daily activities and ensure that your canine friend is well worked out. Otherwise, it may end up involving in disruptive activities like chewing your shoes, curtains, and other things. If you don’t have time to take your dog out, you can hire a dog-walker.

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2. Try Enrichment Feeding

This is a common practice among dog owners, and it helps curb your dog’s boredom by quite an extent. If you are hearing the term for the first time, you may wonder, what is enrichment feeding. This is an unconventional way of feeding your dog. Some ways are:

          a) Food Inside Toys

Unlike putting food in a bowl, you can put them inside toys. These toys are specially manufactured for feeding the dogs and has a maze-like structure inside them. It becomes challenging for dogs to get the food out, and the process is more playfully engaging for the animal. You can use a kong or similar toys for enrichment feeding. Once you get the idea of how these toys work, you can be creative and make devices at home.

          b) Scatter the Food

Instead of feeding your dog in a bowl, you can scatter the food across an area. The dog doesn’t get easy access to the treat and has to put some effort into finding it. This way, the feeding process becomes lengthy and engaging for your dog.

3. Play Games and Treat the Doggo

Playing With Dog

You can play various games with your dog to keep it busy. Some of these games will not only help the doggy to get rid of the boredom but also stay fit. And what can be better than a fit and happy dog!

  • One of the popular games is the Three Cup Game. Here, you can take three cups, place a treat under one of the cups and shuffle them around. The dog needs to find out which cup hides the treat. This game keeps dogs mentally active.
  • You can also play tug of war with your lovely dog. People often say that this game makes your dog aggressive, and when you let your dog win, it becomes more dominant. However, that’s not true. Dogs enjoy this game to a great extent because it is very engaging. And don’t forget to treat your dog for active participation.
  • You can also teach a new skill to your dog. For example, you can teach it how to put the toys in a basket. This way you can shoot two birds in one shot – keep your dog busy and also make your dog organise its mess. However, dogs are not human and teaching it a new skill can be quite tedious.
  • Let’s not forget the classic throw and fetch game. Dogs love to play the fetch game. If you have access to an open field, you can play throw and fetch with your dog. All you need is a ball and an enthusiastic dog to follow that ball when you through it.
  • Another classic game that you can play with your dog is hide and seek. The internet is flooded with videos of owners playing hide and seek with their cute furry friends. You can start playing hide and seek with your dog; make a video to get your share of the internet fame.
  • Play find the treats with your canine buddy. You can hide small portions of treats in different places and ask your dog to find them. It not only engages your dog but also stimulates its sniffing abilities. This game, along with the tug of war, is an excellent indoor activity for your dog, which you can try on a rainy day.
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4. Take Your Dog Out on a Playdate

Walking with Dog

If your dog has a friendly temperament and enjoys the company of other dogs, you can take it out on a playdate. If your mate has another furry friend, you can take your dog to hang out with the other one. Or, you can also visit a dog park with your doggo. Don’t forget to leash it, initially, to avoid any unwanted confrontation with other dogs.

5. You Can Start the Clicker Training

In dog shows, it can often be observed that trainers use clickers to attract their dogs’ attention. A clicker is a small and simple device that makes a clicking sound when you press it. This device is readily available at pet stores, and you can use one to train your dog.

When it obeys your order, you can make the clicking sound and appreciate your dog’s action. Repeating this process will condition your dog, and it will pay attention whenever you make that clicking noise. Moreover, it is immensely helpful if you are training your dog for a show.

To Conclude

It is crucial to keep your dog’s energy level in check. If your dog has too much energy left in it, it can start acting aggressively, refuse to eat, and can create a ruckus inside the house. Therefore, a responsible dog owner must always make sure that their furry companion goes through a daily routine of work out and lives a healthy life. Some of the tricks mentioned in this article don’t even require too much effort from the owner, and can still ensure engagement to dogs.

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