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I have a lot of wooden furniture at my home. Over the years, both my husband and I have accumulated a large number of wooden antiques, side tables, chairs, and whatnot. Now that I think of it, we might have overdone it because we love the texture and feel of wood.

I have learnt to appreciate wood and my furniture over the years. Everyone keeps suggesting to me how I should maintain all this effective hacks, useful tips and what not. Still, I love to stick to conventional maintenance which included dusting the furniture and periodic cleaning with a mild detergent or liquid soap.

But recently, I realized that we could polish wood on our own, too. I always used to think that it is a tedious practice that will require professional help. But rather, I learnt if we did it right, we could keep polishing wood every few months to retain its glow. Here is what I learnt about wood polishing:

Benefits of Polish Furniture

1. Polish retains the natural glow

I always used to think about why my furniture becomes dull after a few weeks. Topping the scrubbing process with polishing helped revive and retain the natural shine. Wood, being a natural creation, requires scrubbing and polishing from time to time to shed off particles and layers and revive its lost glory.

When I first polished my dining table, my husband couldn’t believe it is the same. Because it is about a decade old and we were seeing it like we had when we bought it for the first time.

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2. Polish makes the wood moisture-resistant

We all know how water and moisture are harmful to wood. And I learnt that polish acts as a protective layer for wood which can save it from damage due to rain or moisture. A single coat of wood polish can protect the wood for up to months. If you are meticulous and diligent in applying polish, your wood can stay the same for years altogether.

3. Hairline cracks miraculously disappear after using wood polish

This was one of the most amazing benefits I availed by using wood polish on a really old antique. Over the years, it had lost its charm and cracks had appeared on its surface.

I used a special wooden polish on it. It took me a few hours to coat the entire surface but once I was done, I was amazed by the result. The prominently visible hairline cracks were nowhere to be seen.

Extending the overall life of wooden furniture

Apart from the above benefits, I believe that regular polishing extends the life of my furniture. No longer I am worried about pests damaging our furniture stash. I just make sure that I am regular in applying polish to every piece every few months.

Earlier, I could see a lot of bugs living in cracks and crevices of old furniture, which is hardly the case now. Every wooden furniture piece in my home is now cleaner, shiny and much more appealing than before. I am thankful for my stars that I took the initiative to do something new and discovered the benefits of using wood polish for regular wooden furniture maintenance. I am not going back to my old methods ever again. If you also love your wooden furniture and want to protect your investment create a wood polish schedule. If you cannot spare time, you can hire experienced and verified professionals who would be happy to polish your wooden furniture and revive it lost glory.

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Only scrubbing does not help. You have to polish the furniture after scrubbing to make it retain its shine

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