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More often than not – we find our cherished photographs and videos, which we once believed would last forever safely tucked in the recesses of a memory card – end up corrupted. As a variety of media formats such as compressed audio and video have proliferated, formatting errors and software glitches are common. It is useful to know how to recover data from a corrupt memory card. It can potentially save you a lot of stress and heartburn.

We have indeed moved on to cloud storage, but memory cards remain the most popular and affordable medium for storage across the world. Perhaps, there is no one in this world who can say that he/she has never faced the issue of memory card corruption. Just like memory cleaning apps are a must have for mobile phones, a number of solutions for recovering data from memory cards are becoming available.

It was 10:00 AM and Ankush looked stressed out. Seated in his living room, he was furiously checking his phone. An unexpected glitch had wiped out his memory card data. He was especially upset because his memory card contained pictures of his pet cat which had passed away recently. The memory card also contained many other priceless memories involving Ankush and his family. The memory card, however, went corrupt!

Ankush narrated his story to his cousin, Jayesh, a self-proclaimed gadget freak. After listening patiently to Ankush for a few minutes, Jayesh told him that all was not lost, and the data could still be recovered from the memory card. Jayesh then took Ankush to his house and sat in front of the computer. He asked Ankush to insert the memory card in his mobile phone and connect it with the PC.

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Ankush did as told by his cousin. In the meantime, Jayesh had downloaded a free software application that specializes in file recovery from corrupt storage devices. Using the software, Jayesh scanned the memory card. A few files showed up, but none of them were of the ones that Ankush had been desperately looking for. Ankush looked disappointed but Jayesh continued onward with his search. A second later, he clicked on ‘deep scan’.

The memory card was heavily damaged and the estimated time for the deep scan was displayed as 1 hour and 15 minutes. After the long wait, the computer displayed a dialogue box saying ‘deep scanning successful, 15 files found’. Without looking at what the files were, Jayesh clicked on recover and set the recovery location in a folder in the desktop.

After about 2 minutes, all the 15 files were ready to be viewed. Ankush crossed his fingers. Jayesh clicked the first photo, it was a picture of sunrise from the terrace of Ankush’s house. On clicking ‘next’ a childhood photo of Ankush and Jayesh popped up. They looked at each other and smiled, although Ankush was visibly clenching all his muscles in tension at this point.

Jayesh again clicked ‘next’ and all the tension melted away from Ankush’s body as he saw the image of his beloved cat unfold on the screen. He had spent the better part of the day agonizing over it. On proceeding further, more photos of the cat popped up. Ankush patted Jayesh on the back and thanked him for ending his misery.

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Jayesh left the seat in front of the computer and stood behind. Ankush glided into the chair and started going through the photos of his childhood friend and tears rolled down his cheek. Jayesh kept on smiling from behind.

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