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Our Smartphones are just not phones used for communicating anymore, it is our album, our diary and we even store our work in these smartphones. Now just imagine, that by some unfortunate accident your phone breaks and stops working, or by mistake, you install something that has got a virus in it and it kills your phone. How will you recover your contacts, your important files or messages from your damaged cell? Well, don’t worry; there are various ways you can still save your data.

Data Recovery Tips From Damaged Cell Phone

Using third-party apps and software.

I was quite scared when I broke my phone. But, I felt a chill down my spine when I had to think – how will I recover the data from my phone that was refusing from even starting? Like every other man looking for answers in the 21st century, I went to Google and read every single piece of advice published on this topic.

A recurring theme across my research talked about using third-party software. These are usually free or licensed software that you can download your PC. Once you’ve done that, you can connect your phone with the PC using a USB.

I read more and got to know that although most of these software work really well, none of them can guarantee a 100% recovery of data. This means you will eventually lose some data anyhow. But something is still better than nothing.

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Connecting the phone to a computer with USB.

This is a surprisingly easy method that has helped me quite a few times. I simply connect my phone with my PC and copy the data. The only catch here is that I have to ensure that my phone is charged and that it does not have a screen lock. If the phone is locked and the screen is not working, you will not be able to use this method.

Signing in with your Gmail/registered email account.

Gmail and other mail services you might have used when you first logged into your new phone, can help you recover a certain amount of data. Most of us sync our contacts or gallery with our mail. These can be easily recovered if you remember the email ID and password you initially signed with. I was easily able to sync my contacts in my new phone, even though my old phone was damaged and not working.

Taking it to an authorized service outlet.

Mind well – most probably, you will not be able to recover the data that is stored in your phone memory. This is because the only way to access this data is by logging into the phone which is difficult when your phone is not working.

I would strongly recommend you take it to an authorized service outlet, with a special emphasis on the word ‘authorized’. Taking it to just another shop where phones are repaired may seem like a cheaper alternative but you’re risking the integrity of your phone as well as the privacy of your data by doing so. There are several authorized service providers who can help you recover most of your data, even if your phone is damaged.

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There are specialized service providers as well, who will come to your place to pick up the phone. Once the phone has been repaired or the data has been retrieved, they will come to your place and return the phone. This is the exact service I used after going through an entire cycle of hits and trials in order to get my lost data.

In Conclusion

I personally know that it can be difficult when you have lost the memories you had stored on your phone. But I want you to know that retrieving them is possible. All you’ll have to do is do a little research and think about it like a problem you have to solve, using the ideas given here as your tools.

The best way to proceed with this problem – is by trying out a few options by yourself. You will lose nothing if you try to retrieve data with software, sync your old email ID in a new device or connect your device to a PC. If none of this works, you will still have the last option to go and get it fixed by an authorized service provider.

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