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3 Tricks of Recovering Data On Your Computer

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Have you lost all the data stored on your computer? Do not worry. You will be able to recover all the important files, images, songs like I did. A few months ago, my niece spilled water on my computer. It stopped functioning and I had to call the hardware expert. When I restarted my computer, all the saved data had vanished. Here are three tricks that I learnt for recovery of lost data.

Tips to Recover Lost Data:

Use software for recovery of the files

I went to one of my friends who happens to be a ‘problem hacker’ of sorts; the kind of person who always has an answer ready. He told me to look for some software that can help me recover the files I had lost. I searched online and thanks to the powers of the universe – I did find online software that could’ve helped me get a majority of the files I had lost. You can actually find a ton of options available online. Some of them are paid but there are several free options available as well. From the online research that I conducted and my friend’s advice, I saw that Disk Drill, Recuva and TestDisk are highly effective. I used Recuva, but my friend said that you can practically use any of the three and get near identical results.

Once I found the software, I downloaded it on my computer. There were instructions laid out in the program that I had to follow. Following the instructions, I gained access to most of my lost files and documents. In case you ever face such a situation, do not get stressed. Look for the best software, download it on your computer and follow the steps. You will gain access to all your lost files.

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Use the backup method.

The online software worked out for me; at least for the time being. I thought that the problem may occur again and what if the software does not work then? So, I asked one of my colleagues to help me get an idea of what all options do I have in a situation where I have lost my data and the software is not working.

It is not always feasible to download software for the recovery of lost data. It might so happen that the computer will not accept the downloaded software and reject it altogether. What’s the recourse?

My colleague showed me a simple way to retrieve a backup. Here is a simple step-by-step process that he explained to me:

  1. Go to Control Panel. Click on System and Maintenance and then go for Backup and Restore.
  2. Once you have clicked on ‘restore my files’, choose the option ‘browse for files’.

iii. Select the backup that was created previously and choose a place to restore your files. In case of a doubt, go for Copy and Paste option. Wait for the files to get saved in the selected location.

There is one more trick. It is so simple and yet so effective that most of us don’t even think about it usually. You can either use a portable hard-drive or a cloud storage system to manually copy all your important files, every once or twice a month. That way you will always have a copy of your important files available. It’s cumbersome but it’s also full proof.

Recover files from previous versions.

In case you got your computer formatted, you cannot follow the second method to recover files. You will have to restore files using earlier versions. Check whether you had set up File History or not for automated creation of backup files. Click on the folder that previously contained the deleted files. Choose ‘restore previous versions’.

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Choose the files that you need and click on the select button. I forgot to turn this feature on, hence I could not continue to implement this method. Please don’t forget to turn on this feature on your computer. You would not want to be in the same situation as me.

Take professional help.

There are all sorts of professionals who can help you recover the data, if it fits into there area of expertise. For instance – there are ethical hackers who help companies secure their data on the cloud and often help them recover it as well. You may not need the help of an ethical hacker; but you can get the help of computer repair service providers both online or offline.

There are dedicated data recovery service providers as well. Depending on the OS you have and the computer model you are using, you can easily locate them in your vicinity. Or, you can search for online service providers who might have an on-location service option available. It would make sense to take a back-up of any recent data you have uploaded on your computer, before you give it to a data recover service provider.

In Conclusion

If you want to avoid such emergencies, never forget to keep backup files. Recovery of data becomes impossible without the presence of backup files. Just make sure that if you encounter such a situation, follow the tricks that I have mentioned here. Hope my experience will be useful to you in some manner. Good luck!

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