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Recycle Waste Water With These Plumbing Hacks

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Everything is an illusion, they said.

But no!

Climate change is for real. If there’s any good time to act on reversing global warming, it’s now. I believe in this and my lifestyle revolves around protecting the environment not only for future generations but for mine as well.

With constructions going on all around us and the population increasing, groundwater is getting depleted real fast. There is not a better time than now to implement water recycling practices at home and that’s exactly what I did last month.

Constantly pondering over the water that went waste after washing clothes, dishes or taking a bath, I felt they could be recycled for a lot of things. Apparently, there was a term for the water that went out from kitchen sinks and bathrooms – greywater.

I did not know about this until I consulted my plumber. I wanted to find out more about quick plumbing hacks to recycle greywater and he suggested an efficient system, which I could not ignore.

Plumbing Hacks for recycling wastewater

I Set Up a Grey Water Tank

Compared to black water, which is water from the toilets, greywater has lesser contaminants. That’s one of the major reasons why I wanted to recycle them for ancillary purposes. On the suggestion of my plumber, I separated the pipes coming in from the toilet and set up a distinct tank that would collect all the grey water coming from the bathroom and kitchen.

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With a separate tank, I ensured this greywater is pumped back into the toilets for the flush. The reason why I wanted to use recycled water to flush was that I read during my research that an average of 6 liters of water is used whenever you press the flush. And an average household wastes close to 100 liters of water every day.

Considering the environmental conditions prevailing currently, I felt this had to be done. Once the greywater has been cleansed, it is good enough to be used for purposes like washing your vehicle or areas outside your house.

I have my own terrace garden to use recycled water.

Right now, I’m also working on getting a tap fitted for this pipe as I’ve ventured into terrace gardening. I really believe the recycled water could be used to water the plants as well. Though a little more research is required, I’m sure it’s plausible and effective.

From my experience, I learned that you don’t have to be an engineer to come up with hacks like these. Intentions matter and I’m sure you can easily set up such a system at your home, too. All you have to do is call a qualified plumber for the project and talk to him about the possible ways to recycle greywater.

How to find a good plumber who can help you with your water recycling pet project?

You can search online for quality plumbers like I did or you can talk to the ones in your circle. I’m sure there would be techniques you could implement to recycle wastewater. What’s better? You could even get suggested a more efficient water recycling process by your plumber.

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If you live in an apartment, it’s best to talk to your association about this and get this done by your builder. Since apartments have several families living together, recycling and saving water becomes all the more crucial.

This is the most ideal time to get started with this and if you’re reading this, I recommend you implement this plan. Also, spread the word about the concern of water scarcity and the importance to recycle and save water wherever necessary and applicable.


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