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My Friend Called Me For Advice After A Tiring Work Week. Here Is How I Helped Her Rejuvenate

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It was my friend’s first appraisal season. Unlike me who did a three-year course, she did an integrated degree in computer science, which was for 5 years. So, I was a senior to her in my own way. Having two years of work experience, I frequently shared insights on work culture apart from office gossip. We’ve known each other for over a decade and though we did not work at the same place, I knew her office in its entirety like how she knew mine.

Because it was her first appraisal, I shared some expert tips on work commitment and meeting deadlines. And like any other appraisal season, it was intense for her. She became paranoid and overwhelmed with work. Despite the insights shared, she did not anticipate a few consequences and work pressure and this took a heavy toll on her emotions, stress levels, and sanity.

After putting up with her daily tantrums on messages, she finally video called me after her most intense work week. She had completed all her work, deliverables and projects and had a long weekend to herself.

Still, she kept frowning. I assumed her face had gotten used to the stress prevailing at work. That’s when I suggested her some self-pampering techniques to relieve stress after a tiring work week because she deserved it more than ever.

Here are some tricks to relieve stress

Stress-relieving starts with your Mind

I immediately cut her thoughts and suggested her to stop thinking about work. She needed a rejuvenation. I shared that if she wanted to really prepare for the week, she had to de-clutter mentally and physically. That’s when I suggested her one of the most refreshing face massages in town.

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Go for a Massage

I know how rejuvenating it is because it’s been my ritual after every appraisal season and I had been waiting for long to share this tip with my best friend. I told her to go for reflexology and the good old face massage. Having known her for years, I understood that she doesn’t feel comfortable being touched too much. So, reflexology was one good option, where she would be massaged on her hands, ears, and feet.

This massage is for an hour and the masseuse would work on pressure points in these areas. I’ve done this only once because I prefer a full-fledged massage at any time of the year.

Once her pressure points were relieved in her hands, ears, and feet, it was time for the classic. I suggested her this because stress gets easily accumulated below the eye sockets, in the forehead and neck. I want her to get relieved of all the stress she had gathered over the weeks instantaneously. So, I knew this would work to her benefit.

Go for a Facial

Post the massage sessions, I also asked her to go for a facial because she had developed dark circles and wrinkles on her face. Her eyes also looked pale and dry. I wanted her to get back to how she looked soon – fresh and enthusiastic.

I asked her if she wanted to go for a makeover just to spice things up a little bit. She was hesitant and pushed it for some other time. Otherwise, a different hairstyle would have also been on the cards.

While I’ve been asked a lot of questions on why I spend too much on these things, I have come to the realization that if there’s someone who would take good care of me, it’s me.

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Plus, doing this only gives me more energy and focus to be more productive at whatever I do. This is the insight and secret I shared with my best friend and she probably must be in her reflexology session by now. I can’t wait to find out how it felt.

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