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4 Reasons To Repair Car Dents Early

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I purchased a Swift Dzire three years back. I take my car to the car garage near me for regular servicing & car wash and also take necessary care in updating the insurance & PUC of the car. I have always been sincere about the car maintenance, servicing, and documents of my car as it gives me the freedom to travel fearlessly without worrying about any breakdown or traffic memo.

On a Sunday evening, I parked my car in the basement parking of a multiplex. I went for a movie and on returning noticed a dent on my car’s trunk. The next morning after close examination I discovered that it was a small but deep dent. I was late for work and decided to visit the garage near me in the upcoming days. Eventually, I got busy and because the dent did not affect the performance of the car, I ignored it After a few weeks, I noticed rust on its surface. This got me worried and I rushed to the car garage.

Reasons to repair car dents early

I never knew a dent will cost me a fortune.

The mechanic inspected the dent and informed that it would take a day to fix the corrosion and repaint would take an extra day. He told me if I had visited him earlier before the corrosion started, it would have been simple and easier. I did not know that a dent could result in surface corrosion, therefore, I requested the mechanic to brief me about the same.

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Here’s what a dent can do to your car.

According to him one of the most common issues that arise on ignoring a dent is rusting. Dent results in the erosion of the car paint. It enables moisture to come in contact with the car’s metallic body and damages it. Sometimes it is hard to spot the rust because it slowly develops over time. If ignored for a longer period it spreads in the surrounding region and ends up making a huge rust spot.

In some dents, the paint of the car is still intact. If the dent is not repaired immediately, the daily wear and tear make prominent cracks on the surface of the paint. Eventually, the paint will peel off and the metal body of the car will be exposed which becomes more susceptible to rust.

Thinking to sell your car? The dent will be a bigger problem than you know.

The resale value of the car with dents decreases compared to the ongoing market value. The performance of the car is neglected because dents and other problems caused due to dents make the buyers reluctant to buy it. Car dents are also a sign of rough driving and hence the buyer becomes more reluctant to buy such cars. Opting for car dent repair on time can get you a much better resale price and also make the car look impressive.

A dent can be dangerous for your safety.

A car’s safety and dents are closely related to each other because even a small dent can cause faults in the structure of the car. The mechanic told me an incident where the bumper of a car failed to protect the passengers in an accident because it had a small dent on it. The bumper was already damaged with the dent and due to collision, it failed to protect the passengers inside.

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In Conclusion

Initially, dents are quite cheaper to fix but neglecting them for a long time makes it expensive. If rusting on a particular part becomes aggravated the only solution will be to replace that part. If you love your car then along with cleaning, servicing, waxing, and documentation you should also take care of its dents. Most people ignore minor dents which can cause severe problems. Visit the car mechanic near you so that he can fix the dent and prevent the car from any further damage.

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