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Right Body Postures While Working From Home

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There has been a dynamic shift in our work culture. Over the last few months, most of the working professionals out there have been exposed to a new way of working – straight out of their homes.

From being in a cosy cubicle under the right setup and working conditions like ideal room temperatures, ergonomic chairs and desks, well-lit rooms and more, we have all shifted to make-shift desks, temporary setups and more.

Most of us never anticipated this shift and who would have ever thought that our homes would be our workplaces for more than five months? And with no signs of going back to office, this work from home situation could only be the new normal as far as the office work culture is concerned.

In that case, a few things become all the more crucial – our physical and mental health. Mental health because we are all by ourselves, resorting to technology to stay connected. 

As far as the physical repercussions are concerned, there are plenty of them. Right from the dysfunctional chair that we sit on and work to the poorly-lit rooms we spend an entire day in, our physical health is immensely taking a hit because of our postures, work set up and more.

This has to change. Change for the fact that we need to keep working without giving into body pains and stress. For this, you need the perfect working conditions.

We spoke to experts, tried them out and released a very resourceful infographic that sheds light on some of the most convenient and healthy ways to set up your office space at home and pave the way for comfortable working.

From your screens being at eye levels to proper postures, we have covered it all. Check them out and don’t let your body take stress during these testing times. And did we mention the frequent breaks from constant screen-staring and getting your daily dose of Vitamin D?

Check out the infographic and share it with your friends, family and everyone you care about.

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