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Taking Care of RO – A Step to Healthier Drinking Water

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After I shifted to my new apartment, the first thing I installed was a water purifier. My family is highly concerned about the quality of drinking water. No wonder, it saves us from various waterborne diseases.

Everything went smoothly until one fine morning when the water started smelling a bit odd. We didn’t take it seriously due to our packed schedule. But after one week of drinking that water, my brother experienced intense stomach ache along with vomiting. That was when we realized there was something wrong with the water, no, actually with the RO.

Drinking impure water can cause severe health issues and after the recovery of my brother from Jaundice, we understood it. Now I want to share some of the factors with you so that you can take the required steps to repair your RO before any of your family members fall sick.

You need to understand the right time for replacing an RO filter

At first, I was confused about this, but now I have gathered enough knowledge to guide you right. If you think that buying a purifier is enough then you are wrong. Sometimes it depends on the quality of water in your locality. If the water in your vicinity has high amounts of iron then you might have to change the filter often. There are areas, where the water is reddish due to excessive iron. In such cases, you must change the filters frequently.

If you don’t have a deeper understanding of the water quality in your area, take the thumb-rule of changing the water filter every year. Generally, it is recommended that you change the RO filter every two years. By changing it a year early, you’re eliminating any possible risk posed by an ineffective or malfunctioning filter.

Learn everything about the RO membrane

I would advise you to replace your carbon and sediment filters after 6 to 8 months of using. Otherwise, if these filters get damaged you might have to face issues with the RO. In fact, this entire process depends on the level of impurities the water is carrying all along. If you are living in an area with clear water supply then you might not face similar issues. If you ask me I would suggest you get an instant replacement by the experts.

Do notice the signs of risk

I neglected the maintenance of the RO and my brother had to pay the cost. Hence, I don’t want others to commit the same mistake. If the RO is not working and requires a replacement you will get signs of impure water coming out of the tap.

The odd smell, unusual colour of water speaks of the breakdown of the RO. Believe me, if you are facing similar symptoms, it is the right time to hire an expert and mend the issue.

Now I regularly maintain our RO and make sure it is offering quality water as I don’t want any of my family members to suffer again for the same reason. Now I believe, if you drink healthy you will live healthily.

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