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Safety Tips for Diwali During COVID-19

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Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated across the country, with the hope that it washes away our troubles and lights up our lives. But 2020 is not like every other year – the whole world is grappling with COVID-19. This wretched pandemic has overwhelmed people across the globe and affected lives in ways never imagined before.

Festivities haven’t been spared either. With people being forced to exercise more caution than ever, Diwali celebrations will likely be a lot muted this year. Social distancing is the new norm, and you must strictly abide by it and do your part in containing the spread. This post seeks to inform you about the Diwali safety tips so that you don’t put yourself and others in jeopardy.

Please remember, it all starts with you.

COVID Safety Tips for Diwali 2020

This year, the government has issued health warnings and safety protocols to ensure people’s well-being during festivities. While large gatherings at events have been prohibited by law, medical experts suggest staying indoors and following standard safety practices.

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With that in mind, let’s read on to know more about the safety tips for Diwali 2020:

No sanitizer before lighting candles

Remember, sanitizers are highly flammable and can result in fire hazards. So, refrain from applying sanitizers before lighting up candles or diyas. Instead, simply wash your hands with water and soap before approaching any work that may possibly involve lighting a fire.

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Store sanitizers away from fire

Today, every household has sanitizers for the simple reason that they are effective in taking care of germs and other pathogens, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, bear in mind that most sanitizers (and the ones recommended by doctors) contain alcohol, which makes them inflammable.

Diwali is primarily marked by bursting crackers, which can be potentially dangerous should you not be mindful of what you are doing. So, before approaching anything that involves fire, make sure that the bottle of sanitizer you swear by is kept away from the source of the fire.

Remember, you must exercise caution at all times. On a lighter note, ensure that fire and sanitizer bottles maintain physical distancing during Diwali this year.

Keep soap strips handy

This is yet another safety tip for Diwali 2020. Don’t carry sanitizers everywhere. Instead, keep water and paper soap strips with yourself. That’s because they aren’t flammable, so you don’t run the risk of fire hazards. Also, washing your hands with soap and water is, of course, the simplest and (arguably) the most effective way to maintain personal hygiene.

Remember the basics

Yes, Diwali is all about celebrating and forging social bonds with family, friends, and relatives. But 2020 is not just any other year — it has been truly unprecedented. So, this time, please accept and be on-board with the ‘new normal’ – avoid meeting an endless number of people and calling a horde of friends over.

Celebrate Diwali 2020 differently – catch up with your friends and siblings over video calls and wish them the best. Stay indoors as much as possible; if you must meet somebody, ensure you greet them with a ‘namaste’ and maintain social distancing (keeping a gap of at least six feet with people you’re meeting) at all times.

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Remember, the central idea is to reduce physical contact. Then, and only then, will the virus not get a chain for transmission. We cannot overemphasize the urgency and the need to be careful. Your safety is indeed in your hands.

Don’t forget the mask

This is probably the most crucial COVID safety tip for Diwali 2020. No compromise here – wear your mask every time you step outside your house. Even at home, you should swear by your mask, especially if you have invited guests over. Most importantly, don’t have your mask dangling beneath your chin or nose. Instead, wear it the way it is supposed to be worn so that it covers your nose and mouth.

In conclusion

Remember, every time you wear a mask, you are not only keeping yourself out of harm’s way but also preventing others from getting infected. Now is the time to be responsible and lead by example so that India doesn’t have to experience a second surge in COVID-19 infections.

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