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Keep Electricity Bills In Check With These Hacks

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I’m a firm believer of the notion that with great power comes great electricity bill. Ever since I started working, I realized that there are two types of bills I needed to pay every month. Bills that are rigid and those that are flexible.

Rigid bills were those I had no control over. My home loan EMI, recurring deposit, car maintenance and more. Flexible bills were something I had a significant holdover.

Bills for electricity, groceries and others could be controlled with a little more intervention from my end. All I had to do was – be more cautious about usage and the way I spent them. This especially holds true for electricity bills.

Though inevitable, they are something you can control. Being someone who is concerned about the environment as well, I decided I had to take charge of saving non-renewable resources of energy and ultimately save on my electricity bills.

It was a win-win situation.

In my research, I found these amazing hacks that you could implement too. From my experience, here are some of the maintenance activities I carried out.

Keep Electricity Bills In Check With These Hacks

I Used Natural Light Whenever Possible

One of the first things I did was to make changes to my home. I moved my work desk to the room that had longer hours of natural light coming in. This allowed me to resort to electric bulbs only after it got really dark. Even the light bulbs were replaced with LED lights that came with longer life spans and consumed minimal electricity.

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I Got a Solar Panel

Expensive in the first instance, solar panels are solid investments in the long run. Staying in a tropical country with abundant sunshine during the day, getting hot water through a renewable energy source wasn’t too difficult. Now, I’m not only doing my best to conserve energy resources but cutting down on expenses as well. Water heated from my solar panel seamlessly allows me to wash clothes and shower. I can use this to do my dishes as well.

 AC Filter Cleaning

This technique is extremely beneficial when you have appliances like air conditioners. They are one of the major consumers of electricity and one hack to reduce consumption is to clean their filters once every three months. I found that a dirty air filter reduced the amount of airflow and increased my electricity bill. Since I have a pet, the accumulation of dust and fur was more frequent. Ever since this enlightenment, I made it a point to clean my filter every two weeks and change it periodically.

Air Drying My Clothes

A washing machine is another appliance that adds to your electricity bill. Since there was no dearth of sunshine, I decided to air dry my clothes. So, after my clothes were rinsed, I manually pulled them outside, wrung them and hung them on the terrace. Getting your clothes dried under sunlight adds to the freshness as well.

Packed In More Stuff in the Refrigerator

During my research, I also found that your refrigerator consumed close to 15% of the entire electricity bill. That’s when I decided I need to come up with hacks to save on this.

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A few things I followed include-

  1. Bringing the temperature of the items I would keep in the fridge to room temperature before keeping them inside
  2. Not stuffing the fridge with too many items but not keeping it empty too.
  3. Keeping the refrigerator’s cooling temperature in the range of 0-4°C and freezer below 0°C.
  4.  Frequently cleaning the ice and preventing them from getting accumulated.

Besides these, I also turn off any appliance or device that is not in use. I turn on my desktop only when it’s required and the same applies to my television as well. I’m also a step closer to getting a sensor fit in my rooms so the lights would turn off automatically when there’s nobody inside.

Saving on electricity bills is simple and can be done with regular checks and maintenance. Cautious usage of appliances and interest in giving something back to the environment can prove to be beneficial.

Like they say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” The same goes for your electricity bills!

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