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I am a fan of technology for as long as I can remember. Now that I earn for myself, I enjoy splurging on gadgets, as per my whims and fantasies. Sometimes, it gives me enormous benefits, sometimes not. But today, I am going to share one of the biggest benefits I received because of my investments in innovative technologies.

Here, I would like to talk about home automation which is a subset of IoT technology. I was fascinated by the prospects of IoT when I first read about it. Soon, the market was filled with several IoT devices and platforms that are capable of converting  any home into a smart home. I began scrounging for the best deals on home automation solutions, offline and online. And soon, I was able to find a system that suited my needs and budget.

I was eager to try home automation technology myself and within a week, made arrangements to transform my home into a smart home. My first reaction was of awe and admiration. I could control any device using my mobile phone and was even able to automate a lot of things like the timings when lights go on and off.

The Sudden Realization

It was one day when I accidentally pondered upon a thought- that my home automation solution was helping me become more energy-efficient. How? Let me explain. Earlier, I used to leave two tube lights on when I used to leave for office. Also, I come late in the evenings and wanted my home to stay illuminated in my absence. With the help of home automation solution, now I could control every light in my home. I can turn it on and off remotely. My home automation system also gave me the ability to automate lighting systems.

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Now, my tube lights get switched on, every day at sunset and get switched off by 10:00 pm. This has substantially brought down my electricity bills. And the best part? This is just the tip of a massive iceberg. I control other appliances and devices, too, with my home automation system.

Increased Energy Efficiency & Reduced Carbon Footprint

Not only was I able to control lighting but other large appliances, too. I configured my automation system to control my air conditioning temperature. Earlier, I used to keep my AC on for the entire night. Now with the help of an air conditioner smart socket, I can control various functions using my mobile device, even when I am not home. I was able to configure sleep mode, monitor power consumption and create smart scenarios to automate air conditioning.

After three months of home automation system usage, I found that I was saving more than INR 500 per month owing to my decreased electricity consumption. Earlier I used to always argue with my electricity provider about my billing amount. Now I realized where the extra units were going- my ignorance and indifference to neglecting appliances and lights was leading to high consumption.

I was not only happy because of the financial savings but found that now I was more responsible towards the environment too. As my appliances stay switched on for a shorter time period, my carbon footprint has reduced.

My home automation system has drastically impacted how I use electronics around my home. No longer do I worry about electricity bills or forgetting to switch off an appliance when I am getting late. I control every aspect of my home on fingertips, giving me ultimate peace of mind, more money in my bank and satisfaction that I am doing my bit for the planet. If you are money and environment-conscious person, you should also think of installing a home automation system, today.

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