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3 Ways You Can Save More At Your Next Salon Appointment

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Humans love to present the best version of themselves. Certain aspects of it, for example, salon appointments, can dig a hole into your pockets. If you believe in the philosophy of self-love, you would love a good haircut. The only problem is that getting a good haircut is usually an expensive affair. But being a student with budget concerns, I am always looking for tips and tricks that can help me save money. Hence I am stuck in a classic dilemma – can’t put down a lot of money into a haircut and can’t avoid having a good one!

There were several instances when I went into the salon with visions of grandeur. But when it came with bank-breaking prices, it left me wondering, Was it worth it? I wish I could say a confident ‘yes’. Although, after most of these instances, I found questioning myself – did I really need that. So, I have compiled a list of three tricks to help you save money in salon appointments.

Tips To Save Money In Salon Appointment

1. Don’t fall victim to add-on products or services that you don’t need:

There have been countless times when I have been coerced in the salon. It would include getting a deep conditioning treatment or some other service I didn’t intend to avail. Learn the art of politely saying no when you find yourself in a similar situation. Enter the salon knowing exactly what services you need and come out getting exactly that. Keep an eye on the flash sales website. They have an array of salons and spas that provide services at reasonable prices.

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Avoid unnecessary suggestions for your stylist about additional products. Get an idea about what’s right for your skin and hair and only stick to those products. I always try to keep my hair healthy between appointments so that I have to visit the salon less frequently.

2. Do minor salon services at home:

Root touch-ups, shampoo, hair massage, and conditioning – you can do most of these at home with the right products. Most salons charge extra money for shampoo and blow-dry after your hair cut. I always arrive at the salon with my hair already washed and I skip the blow-dry after my haircut. So, unless it is included in the price, skip these minor services that you can perform at home. At-home root touch-ups can be done at the convenience of your home. It would also help you save money that you would have otherwise spent on just a touch-up.

3. Use a stylist who is revered in the beauty salon:

An experienced stylist can be extremely expensive. But I had to get a great haircut and I always equated having a great haircut with having a senior stylist to my service. I was wrong.

I soon realized that if I knew exactly what I was looking for, I could simply instruct a junior stylist and save a fortune! So that is exactly what I did. The stylist wasn’t very expensive but he was true to his work. He gave me useful tips that he was learning at beauty school and these didn’t cost me a penny. So do not discount a less experienced stylist.

They can help you save a fortune. Also, watch for loyalty and referral programs. Many salons have schemes to trick their customers by making them think they are saving money by buying these programs and schemes. However, these programs will help you only if you become a regular customer at the salon. Thus, get all the information before you buy such a service.

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Here’s a bonus tip for you – you can also call stylists at your home! There are many apps that can help you find appropriate stylists who give home services. Not only will you save petrol and time wasted in commuting to the salon, but you will also get the services you need in the comfort of your home. Since you are not paying for the AC, ‘free coffee’ and ‘magazines’ available in a premium salon – you can get a good stylist giving the same quality of services at a fraction of the cost you’ll bear if you visit a high-end salon.

So the next time you are looking forward to pampering yourself, follow my guidelines and save money in your next salon appointments. Thank me later after saving a fortune for yourself.

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