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The very first day I decided to apply for my dream college in the USA, I also started planning for it. I still remember the exact moment when I got cold feet. I was going through the college’s website and I got to know about the estimated cost of attendance for the 10-month program. It was north of $50,000. My family’s net annual income was not even one-fifth of it.

For the next two months, I did not even think about it. I had almost shelved the plan to ever go for a post-graduation in the USA. That was when one of my professors pulled me aside and asked me what I was up to. I hadn’t been really attentive in her classes since my mind was making calculations on whether I can afford to have this dream. She had a piece of very simple advice that changed my life – Some people have a way paved for them; others have to make one.

She went a step ahead and decided to help me find possible sources of funding. Obviously, there were banks and private lenders. But she motivated me to get a scholarship. I followed her words and advice for the next two years of college. I finished my undergrad with a gold medal and will be starting my post-graduate program in microbiology at Johns Hopkins University.

If you have ever felt that cost is the key hindrance between you and your ambition – read this. Here are a few scholarships Foreign Education that can help you take a step closer to that graduation degree from that university which frequents your dreams.

Scholarships To Apply For Foreign Education:

Dean’s Excellence Scholarships.

Irrespective of what program you go to, most American universities have a Dean’s Scholarship program. Usually, this program gives scholarships on the basis of merits to the top three students or the top 5% students of a given class. At the end of my first year, I received a dean’s excellence scholarship and my entire tuition for the first year of the program was taken care of.

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The only problem with Dean’s Scholarships is that you cannot plan for it beforehand. These scholarships are handed only after a semester or an academic year’s end. Yet, this should be on the top of your priority list for scholarships. Getting this scholarship will naturally reduce your tuition burden; it will also distinguish you among your peers when you are applying for jobs.

Fulbright Scholarships.

I did not get the Fulbright Scholarship. But I knew a few batch-mates who got it. This scholarship is administered and funded by the United States – India Educational Foundation. The process of getting this scholarship is very rigorous and requires a separate application in itself. You have to apply for the scholarship in advance and if your application gets the required approvals, you are called for an extensive set of interviews.

But once you get past all of that – you will have the tag of being called Fulbright Scholar for the rest of your life. Not only is the Fulbright scholarship globally known, but it is also considered to be one of the most reputed scholarships across continents.

One of the key perks of Fulbright Scholarships is that everyone in the world knows about them. They can be an added embellishment on your CV if you are able to get one.

Commonwealth Scholarships.

Along with Johns Hopkins, I also applied to Imperial College, Oxford University and Cambridge University. This was when I got to know about the Commonwealth Scholarships. It is one of the most competitive scholarships globally since you will be in competition with a lot of very gifted Indians and students from other commonwealth countries vouching for it.

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If you are planning to study in the UK and are from India, you will be eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship pays the scholars a stipend for a fixed period of time. Mind well – the application pool for these scholarships is huge since a lot of students are eligible to apply for them.

British Council – IELTS Awards.

I was told about this scholarship by my professor, who helped me discover the other scholarships as well. She had put special emphasis on this scholarship since it went along with my IELTS attempt. Now, all Indian students have to go for either the IELTS or TOEFL. If you are planning to appear for IELTS, you should go ahead and apply for this scholarship.

Your chances of getting it are relatively higher compared to other scholarships because a lot of students don’t know about this scholarship.  British Council will give you partial funding of up to GBP 10,000 if you win the scholarship. So this one is definitely worth a shot.

In Conclusion

I prepared an excel sheet for every single scholarship available to Indian students. You will find a ton of resources online that show the scholarships available for Indian students. Here is one more trick – if you have received a scholarship based on your application from one school, let the other school know about it. Most probably, they will match the offer and you will be able to get into your dream school. Good luck with your search!

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