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Let’s face it – selling a phone is much, much harder than buying a new one. Buying ends at the very moment you’re done with your research about the phone. For selling an old phone, you have to go through a roller-coaster ride. I just sold my old phone and it was a very humbling experience.

To begin with it, I couldn’t exactly afford a new phone. The one I really liked was a bit expensive and I was not keen on getting it on installments. So, I laid out a plan and got started:

Ways Of Selling An Old Mobile Phone:

Buyback – it will never help you get the best price.

My entire goal was to buy a new phone. Selling my old phone was a small detour I had to take. So, I combined both aspects. I went online and started looking into the deals I will get on my new phone, in exchange for my older one. The results were very underwhelming.

The key problem was that the phone I had and the phone I wanted belonged to different brands. Mind well, my old phone was in very good condition with the latest software updates already made. The hardware too was in great working condition. But after looking at the minuscule benefit I was getting on the exchange price, I decided not to go for the exchange offer.

Since I was disappointed online, I went offline. Don’t make the same mistake.

My theory behind this move was that I did not have an established relationship with the online brand. So naturally, I will not get a good offer on it! I went to an offline mobile store of one of my family friends, assuming that a ‘good relationship’ will help me get a good price. Spoiler alert – it did not go the way I had expected.

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First of all – selling offline takes a lot of time. Even if you know the buyer, you have to physically visit the store and let him have a look at your phone. I had to take a half-day leave from work just to have this meeting with the seller, even though I knew him. At the end of it all, the price I got was marginally better than what I was getting in the buyback offer. I had to turn him down politely.

I decided to get creative and posted an ad on an online marketplace. It was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.

If I am asked to do all of this at gunpoint, I will still not post that ad on that marketplace again. Ok, maybe I would. But I definitely will not put my phone number in the profile. The promoted ad on the marketplace got responses in hundreds. At the first sight of this number I was delighted. Of all these viewers I should be able to get at least one good offer. After all, my phone was in perfect working condition and I even had the original manuals, bills, and packaging.

Over the next couple of weeks, I got hundreds of phone calls and messages. My email ID got filled with inquiries. Some of them were very silly and some were borderline pointless. I couldn’t even focus on my work because of the constantly buzzing phone. It was self-induced harassment. When I got a call in the middle of the night, I decided that this was it and I pulled off my profile as well as the promoted ad.

Finally – I found a buyer in the most unexpected way possible.

I landed on an online forum on some random website. Someone had suggested refurbished phone buyers. I thought since I had burnt through all my options, what else can go wrong with trying out this one? I found an online refurbished phone buying platform. I was a bit distracted by the attractive prices at which they were selling refurbished phones. I had to pull myself together to go through the ‘selling an old phone’ section.

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They had an online diagnostic tool that helped me determine a probable price for my old phone. This price was much higher than what was offered in both the offline store and the exchange offer. Next, I gave them my address and contact details. They booked an appointment with me and one of their executives came to my place on a weekend to collect my phone. For proof, I got a receipt that my phone had been picked up. In exactly 24 hours I had a mail in my inbox stating they had found my phone in the apt condition. And I will be paid exactly the same amount that was suggested by the diagnostic tool.

For a minute – I was shocked by the professionalism and the simplicity of the process. I did not even leave my house and my phone was sold for a price I hadn’t even dreamt of and I got best value for my mobile phone. After a few hours of having agreed to sell the phone, I had the amount deposited in my bank account.

In Conclusion

I have to admit that I have become a fan of the refurbished phone buying companies. I understand that not all platforms buying refurbished phones operate with such finesse, but my experience was phenomenal. Now, I advise this way of selling to every single person I know. I was finally able to buy my new phone thanks to the money I got in exchange for my old phone. I have no idea why everyone else is not doing this!

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