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There comes a time in the life of every phone – when you are fed up of it. From this point, you either want to upgrade or just want to get rid of your old phone. Before you actually go out there and sell your old mobile, read these points and thank us later!

Things To Do Before Sell Your Old Phone:

1. Back-Up Your Data:

Sure, a full screen mobile will fetch you more money when you sell it off, but it can also become a headache if you haven’t taken care of your data in the device.There are two key aspects you have to take care of:

  • The memory card: Many devices still come with removable memory cards. Just pulling the card will do half the job.
  • The device memory: The device itself backs up and stores a ton of data. You will have to sit and go through every file and see what it contains. Ideally, you should have cleared everything in the device memory as well as the memory card, after you have cleaned them up. You should transfer the data to either cloud or another device using Bluetooth, USB, Google Drive or even emails to transfer data.
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2. Switch off any auto syncs in the device:

Most of us already know about the auto sync feature. It makes life easier since you don’t have to keep track of data and what device it is accessible to. That said, as soon as you have decided to sell off any device that can access the data – you should turn the auto sync off. Even if you have deleted all the date from the device’s memory itself, the auto-sync may provide the device owner access to your cloud data. Thus, switch auto-sync off.

3. Don’t forget to remove the SIM card:

Sure, you might have bought a new one or shifted to an entire new number, but that does not mean the old SIM card cannot prove to be vulnerable in terms of securing your privacy. SIM cards are also responsible for saving contacts and SMS received. Hence, ensure you have removed the SIM card from the device and also deleted any data that belonged to it, from the device itself.

4. Consider getting your phone thoroughly repaired:

Once you have taken care of all the data the was in your device memory, the memory card as well as the SIM card, you can take it to a company serviceman or a local mobile repair shop and get it fixed, before selling your old mobile. You can usually spend on some cosmetic things such as getting a tampered glass or putting a cover on the phone, to make it more visually appealing. You can also update the device to the latest possible software packages. These will not cost you much, but will give you great leverage when you are deciding upon the price with a prospective buyer.

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5. Delete all the apps, account logins and passwords stored in the device:

If you have been using the device for a long period of time, there are chances that you might have deleted quite a few apps. Many apps have temporary files and cache stored deep inside your device. Although, these do not pose a risk and are usually deleted with factory settings, it would not take a lot of time to go through your device and ensure that it is devoid of any such data.

Also, if there is a default browser installed, make sure you have logged out of it and have deleted any saved passwords. The same goes for any pre-installed apps.

In Conclusion

The idea is to bring your phone closest to its original condition. This automatically increases the possible resale value and also protects your data as well as privacy.

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