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I like to keep track of things. I have a ton of spreadsheets on my desktop that covers everything from the birthdays of my loved ones to the last servicing date of my AC. This is because I am still working on my first job out of college and I am saving money to finance my further education.

All of this equipped me for a lot of things. The most important of it all, was knowing when to get my AC serviced. Unlike bike and car servicing, the authorized dealer doesn’t call you to give a reminder. After the warranty period is over, you have to figure out yourself – when should I get my AC serviced?

Hence, I have observed four major indicators that show when my AC needs a service:

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

If there is a restriction in the airflow, your AC should be inspected

This is one of the first symptoms which you will notice if there is a problem with the AC. It was my fault not to give priority to this symptom when my AC was malfunctioning. If the air conditioning unit isn’t producing the right quantity of fresh air, you need to opt for a service. Moreover, there are times when the air isn’t circulating correctly throughout your room. This problem can emanate from several issues like blocked ductwork. A clogged AC filter may also be responsible for this problem. Whatever the problem is, it is best to opt for a professional AC Repair service.

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Astronomical electric bills- A sign which you can’t ignore

This was not a symptom that my AC experienced when it was malfunctioning. But you must emphasize on AC servicing if your electric bills have been soaring this summer. No two air-conditioning units are same and hence opting for professional help is the ideal way out in these situations. When your air-conditioner runs appropriately, your electric bills should be more reasonable. Preventative maintenance and repair are essential facets of an air-conditioning unit. Giving due importance to these terms will ensure the longevity of your AC unit.

Your AC emits strange sounds whenever it operates

I can clearly remember that one instance when I woke up in the middle of the night on hearing a rattling sound. The sound resembled like a strange hiss. At first, I thought it was a snake that had entered my bedroom. But on investigating further, I found that the sound was coming from the AC unit. Though it was a funny experience and I ignored it, you shouldn’t do so when your AC emits strange noises. These sounds imply that something is wrong inside the unit.

Moreover, failure to service the unit could result in a pricey breakdown which is burdensome. If your AC unit emits a squealing noise, it implies that the belt has slipped out of place. It may also indicate that a metal component in your air conditioner requires lubrication. On the contrary, a grinding sound means that the motor’s bearings are not intact.

Opt for an AC Repair if weird odours are coming out of it

My AC did emit foul smells whenever I switched it on. Strange smells from the AC vents usually imply that insulation of the wires is starting to burn. This is quite hazardous and can create havoc like fires in your home. If there is a musty smell emanating from your AC, note that there is mould inside your unit or ductwork which needs immediate attention.

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Key Takeaways

Opting for periodic check-ups of your AC unit will help you avoid substantial repair bills. If you wait for longer and hope for the problem to go away, it won’t. Considering an annual maintenance contract is also a good idea to avoid huge repairing expenses.

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