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From wheel balancing to wheel alignment, there are several things you need to keep a tab on when it comes to car wheel care. Your car tyre should be inspected on a regular basis. Otherwise, it might leave you stranded on a highway someday. Here is a guide on car wheel care.

When does a car need a new tyre?

1. Vibrations:

It is common to hear vibrating sounds on an uneven road. But what if the vibratory sound continues even on a smooth lane? It is a signal that your car’s tyre has been worn out. It is time to change the existing tyre of your car. Contact a car mechanic near you immediately to get it replaced. Or change it yourself.

2. Unusual noises:

If your car’s tyres are getting old, they will start making odd noises. You will be able to notice them while driving. Do not ignore such noises if you hear any. It is better to know about the best tyre brands in the market and get a new tyre Or at least inspect your car’s tyres thoroughly to find out the real issue.

3. The tread depth of the tyre:

A reduction in tread’s depth is a strong warning sign of incompetent tyres. Experts suggest that 1.5 mm band in the middle 3/4th part of the tread should be maintained. If not, your car’s tread will start demonstrating lines or indents. If you notice them, change your car’s tyre at the earliest.

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4. Sidewall cracks:

There can be only one reason for cracks appearing in the sidewall of car’s tyres. The oil in the tyre has evaporated due to excessive ultraviolet light exposure. Your tyre might blow out any second due to such cracks. It is recommended that a new tyre be put into its place. It will save you from being involved in road accidents.

5. Age of the tyre:

Like every other part of the car, tyres also have a limited life span. After a gap of four to five years, a tyre is supposed to be substituted. A tyre if used more than the mentioned time period, can create issues while driving. So keep a track of time and switch the tyre when it wears out.

Maintaining a car means taking care of each and every part of it. The types are one such essential thing in your car. It is important to look after your car’s tyres. If not, your car will not be able to perform well on the road.

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