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I have been working for 100 hours every week since I got the promotion. Even before this, I was working very hard. It’s just that now I have a team and my responsibilities have gone up.

Working this hard has definitely helped me with my career; I am the youngest consultant at my firm. That said, it has also taken a toll on my health. In the last few weeks, I have started witnessing severe back pain. I went to my mentor and told him about the problem. He said I had to inculcate some form of exercising in my daily routine.

That was when I noticed – I had put on some weight and I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I had exercised. Being a consultant, I am always travelling. The little free time I get is in the morning when I am yet to get ready and leave for office. So, I have started exercising an hour every single morning. I never felt so energetic, productive and optimistic. Now I can see why every single CEO focuses so much on physical fitness. Exercising regularly clears your head and keeps you away from lousiness.

I know it can be demanding to go to the gym or buy fitness equipment. Hence, I work out with a simple philosophy – an exercise does not have to be complex to give you the benefits you desire.

Based on the same principle, here are 3 simple exercises I do at home that help me stay fit even with a busy routine:

Simple Exercises That Help Me to Stay Fit and Healthy

Go for a run

Running can seem a bit too much when you get started. But everyone from chief executives to authors to professional chess players – is going for runs. Running is the simplest form of exercising that helps you work on your stamina while still allowing you to burn calories. The runner’s high is a real phenomenon and will help you stay motivated to continue with your runs.

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I would suggest you go for a run in the morning. Don’t worry about the distance initially. Once you get into a daily routine, try to push your average daily distance by 10% each week. That way, you will not put tremendous pressure on your body and will still be able to challenge it.

Simple Stretching Exercises and Skipping and Skipping

Skipping ropes are the most portable of all fitness equipment. If you are not facing any severe body ache, like shoulder pain or an identical problem, you should definitely stretch yourself from head to toe, paying attention to every joint. And then, pull out your skipping rope and use it. It might even look tricky, but if you continue for even a few minutes in the morning or in the evening, you will sense the blood flowing more evenly in your body. This makes you feel more energetic and also helps you lose excess calories.

Push-Ups, Squats and Hip Raise

If you have ever been to a gym you will know that these are the exercises that form a part of your cardio routine. Push-ups is the only one that helps you develop arm strength. Psychologically, being able to do push-ups is more rewarding than the other two.

Thanks to my excess weight, I was unable to do anything more than ten push-ups when I started. I realized that I will have to control my diet, lose some weight and still build strength. All of that helped me stay focused. My daily push-up numbers kept going up and this reflected the progress I was making.

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Squats are important because they help you develop core strength. Hip raise affect the same area – the abdominal region. If you do them properly, the core strength you develop will also supplement your running and push up routine. And guess what – you don’t need any equipment to do these exercises!

 Bonus – Meditation and Practicing Mindfulness

This is perhaps the most rewarding and yet the most peaceful exercise of all since it focuses on the organ that is under pressure throughout your workday – your brain. There is a ton of information to be processed on a daily basis in almost all jobs. In addition to that, you also have your own family plans and personal aspirations to be taken care of. Carrying all of these in your psyche make you feel tired even when you aren’t. Moreover, if you find yourself often worried about these issues, you have to include meditation in your lifestyle.

Meditation is simple and unlike Yoga, you can perform it anywhere. I personally prefer ten minutes of mindfulness meditation during office hours. It helps me rejuvenate my brain and as soon as I am back, I am able to focus on everything I have in hand. You can also download one of the several free apps that help with guided meditation sessions.

In Conclusion

The corporate ladder takes its own toll on you. Ambition is great but it operates on a paradoxical force – the more you neglect your health to attain your goals, the more distant you will find yourself from them. Because optimal productivity is directly dependent on a healthy mind and a healthy body. So, if you want to make each minute of your work count for the rest of your career, make sure you take some time out of your schedule and exercise both your body and brain.

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