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Indeed winter has its own magic and exuberance. However, little do we know that the cruel cold can be unforgiving to the skin by making it lose its natural oils, allowing moisture to escape and catching an array of skin conditions like eczema, rashes and dermatitis or psoriasis. Therefore, it’s mandatory to take good care of our skin and get it armoured to combat the wrath of the winters.

I tried and tested these following Winter skincare tips and found them to be quite efficient and universal in maintaining a healthy-vibrant skin during winters.

Winter Skincare Tips:

1. Keeping the hot showers short

The thought of taking a hot shower during winters might seem like the best possible idea to warm up, and I practised the same for a very long time until I noticed that it was actually drying out my skin faster than it should have gone organically. Dermatologists advise against taking long hot showers during winters as it not only dries out the skin but also damages the skin surface.

2. Stay hydrated

Skin is the largest organ in our body, and without water, it cannot function properly. Water cleanses our skin by pushing out bacteria and reducing the risk of skin problems. The minute I increased my water intake, I could feel the difference, as my skin, now fully hydrated, could fight and flush out toxins more efficiently. I realized that there are a plethora of medical treatments available for skin diseases and for healthy skin, but staying hydrated can help these medical treatments work more effectively.

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3. Avoid using regular bar soaps

Previously during winters, I would continue using my regular soap, which I generally used all-around the year. However, my skin became extremely rough, and moisturizers failed to be of any help. On my dermatologist’s advice, I stopped using the regular soap and switched to something that moisturized and nourished my skin rather than drying it out. Regular bar soaps contain ingredients and fragrances, which make our skin dry and itchy. I tried using less soap overall and limited my lathering to necessary areas, which helped strikingly.

4. Moisturise overnight and frequently

Areas like palms, feet, elbows, knees and ankles possess thin skin and lose moisture rapidly as compared to other areas of the body. I faced the same problem until I started using a moisturising balm before going to bed and post-shower. I included moisturisers in my daily routine and kept them handy. I even started using organic moisturisers like buttermilk, honey, avocado, cocoa butter and similar ingredients, which are free from chemicals.

5. Don’t halt the workout sessions

During winters, it’s quite normal for our sweat glands and blood vessels to constrict. This makes it hard for our skin to keep itself healthy, and that’s when workout comes into play. When we sweat, our pores flush out toxins, circulating oxygenated blood. Since the last couple of years, working out regularly in winters has been giving me a glowing, healthy and moisturised skin.

6. Coconut oil is a must in winter

Ever since childhood, coconut oil has been an integral part of my hair-care routine, but very recently, I have included it in my skin-care routine as well. Coconut oil, well-known for its anti-ageing properties, is organically anti-bacterial and moisturising. It possesses nourishing fatty acids and vitamin E, which makes my skin smoother and prevents acne breakouts.

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Before I started using these measures, I would be terrorised of winters and having a dry-dull skin. But thanks to these simple skin-care steps, my skin now looks and feels soft, glowing and flawless across all seasons.


  1. Jed Hehir September 19, 2020

    thank you for this information. its a great help. i have these tiny pimples also in my skin that never go away for such a long time and its very itchy. i have also milia around my face. i tried all medication, creams and moisturizer but no improvement.

  2. Myrtis Lama April 20, 2021

    Great tips Adelina! I agree that air drying your hair really helps – plus it’s best to minimize heat to keep it healthy!


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