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This is What My Beautician Told Me About Skincare

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Being in the field of Information Technology as a coder, I spend most of my time in two places – one in public transportation during commute and the other in my cubicle.

Whenever work got really hectic I did marathons to meet my deadlines and get that perfect appraisal. Because all my attention went into my work, I couldn’t dedicate time to take care of my health. While I was binge eating fast food, I was also losing sleep. There was no regulation or balance of any sorts in my life.

The result – I started looking pale and tired. I no longer appeared my age and there were dark circles, wrinkles and all possible complications of poor self-care. Being an eligible bachelor, I was also getting rejected from prospective brides for the way I looked.

That’s when I understood the seriousness of skincare and self-pampering. I understood these were closely associated with self-confidence and motivation. I realized that skincare was important for you to take good care of your skin’s outermost layers.

I did not know that skin had layers and that the outermost one protected us from the particles and dust in the environment. Proper skin care is also essential to maintain adequate hydration levels, which is very essential for your appearance and freshness.

So, I started taking skincare seriously and ever since been on the hunt for the perfect treatment or rejuvenation centers. Visiting a few, I understood they all had a pattern. Every beautician or expert I spoke to flaunted a flawless skin. They were glowing and radiating an aura which really complemented their interpersonal skills.

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I wanted to get there.

So, on speaking with them, I curated a few pointers that are simple and easier to implement.

Skincare Tips

Do not Underestimate the Power of Face Wash

Being exposed to the environment most of the time, our face is consistently prone to dust and other particles that are harmful to our skin. So, I realized that washing my face an adequate number of times at regular intervals is ideal to keep dust and dirt away. Instead of soap, use a face wash and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Know Your Skin Type

At the outset, it all looks the same. But trust me, there’s more to it than what meets the eye. Driven by campaigns and commercials, we involuntarily tend to go with brands that we see. Before you make any purchase of cleansers or skincare products, understand your skin and buy the right product. Look for the ingredients as well. If your skin is more prone to acne, consider products that are oil-free. Similarly, if your skin is sensitive, go for products that are fragrance-free because they won’t cause irritation to your skin. Get consulted, understand your skin and purchase accordingly.

Sunscreens and Moisturizers

Moisturizers are named so because they help in keeping your skin moisturized. They trap water in your skin and eliminate any visible lines from forming. So, make it a point to moisturize your skin after a shave, shower or face wash. When your skin’s a little damp, it helps.

Also, exposure to sunlight can cause wrinkles and spots. So, make sure you’re prepared for this with SPF-30 sunscreen. Apply before you head out and whenever you sweat.

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Looking back, these are insights I gathered from not just one expert. With each of my skincare routine being different, I curated them for diverse beauticians and skincare experts. In the process, I understood that staying healthy outside was as important as staying healthy on the inside.

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