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Like any other homemaker, I aim to keep my house clean and hygienic. I often invite guests at our place and also host gatherings every now and then, inviting our neighbors. Hence, the house is always in limelight. This is one of the reasons why I have to look into even the minutest of details in the house.

These days, there are several deep cleaning, home cleaning, and even sofa cleaning treatments available in the market. I use these services periodically to ensure my home as well as sofas looks clean and inviting.

Recently, one of my neighbors was at my place. She asked me about my trick for maintaining the sofas. I was surprised to know that she wasn’t aware of many of the things that I presumed people commonly know. Here are a few sofa cleaning tips I gave her. For Fabric Sofa cleaning, some of the treatments available are as follows.

Sofa Cleaning Tips:

Do Manual Cleaning

I do manual cleaning of my sofa regularly, and it can be quickly done by simply brushing off the couch. I use baking soda at times as it helps in removing stains and bad odor emitting from the sofa. Use some baking soda while brushing the sofa and vacuum it after sometime. Once that is done, you can use a fabric cleaning agent with a wet towel and leave the sofa to dry overnight. It is a kind of hack that I’ve shared with my friends as well, and they have been astounded by the results.

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Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is another sofa cleaning treatment that you can avail. It uses the power of steam to remove stains and dust particles from the sofa. It is a kind of deep cleaning method that helps in adding freshness to the sofa and removes extra moisture, in-grained dust and stains. It works like magic. Don’t take my word for it, try it and you won’t regret it.

Carbonation Cleaning

Carbonation cleaning is a new kind of sofa cleaning process that helps in making your old sofa feel new. It extracts the dust and debris from deep within the couch that cannot be otherwise extracted and removed easily. It brings the dirt on the surface of the sofa, which can then be wiped away. It leaves a protective layer on the surface of the sofa as well.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning the sofa is a commonly used sofa cleaning treatment. In this method, a chemical cleaning agent is used on the sofa and left on the surface for fifteen minutes to half an hour. It works on the stains and the dust particles embedded in the sofa. When the sofa is vacuumed after half an hour or so, the couch looks and feels new. My sofa is largely made of wood and hence this is the method that I frequently use.

Foam cleaning

Foam cleaning is a highly cost-effective method for sofa cleaning. Foam based cleaning solution is applied all over the sofa and then wiped off after a few minutes. Regularly doing this helps in keeping the sofa look fresh.

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If you have a leather sofa, these are the methods I recommend:

  1. In my other room, I have a leather sofa, and I manually clean it by using the solution of water and vinegar. It works wonders and doesn’t react with leather at all. Wipe the sofa with a clean cloth using the solution and after some time, use another dry cloth to wipe the sofa again.
  2. Chemical cleaning is another method for cleaning a leather sofa. I use dry shampoo to wipe the sofa, and it not only cleans my leather sofa but also conditions it. The shine you get after cleaning it using this method is remarkable.

In Conclusion

These are the few commonly used sofa cleaning tips that you can use depending on the kind of sofas you have at home. If it seems like too much work for you, hiring professional help for sofa cleaning may seem like a better option. However, I keep a balance and clean my sofas by myself regularly and order sofa cleaning services once in a while. Here is a simple guiding principle – for simple procedures, take things in your hands. If you want long and lasting effects, hire professionals.

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