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I have been very curious about how things work, right from my childhood. Even as a kid, I used to fidget with the remote-controlled aeroplane my dad bought me as well as the old TV we had in my grandpa’s room.

It is that curiosity that led me to take care of common plumbing issues around my house as an adult. Whether it is my kitchen sink or toilet, I realized that hiring a professional plumber is not always needed. Fixing specific plumbing issues is possible on DIY mode if you’re ready to learn a few tricks and follow the steps mentioned in tutorials. Such tutorials can be found online or in a plumbing book.

Here are some common plumbing issues I faced around my house that I was successfully able to take care of myself.

Tips to Solve Common Plumbing Issues

Repair Most of the Leakages in the Toilet and Kitchen Sinks

I repair most of the leakages in the toilet and kitchen sinks in my home these days. However, avoid over-tightening the fittings. It leads to breakage of fittings or leakage. It may just make the problem worse than before. Make it a point to measure thread accurately beforehand to know when to stop fitting and applying pressure.

Install a New Showerhead or Faucet

You don’t need a plumber to install a new showerhead or faucet. It can be installed with ease using simple home tools. However, before you start any DIY plumbing project, turn off the water. If you forget to turn off the water, the result would be a disaster that would be hard to deal without professional help, costing you a ton of money.

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One of the most common plumbing problems at my home is the leaky faucet. I have hired professional help in the past for it and realized all it needed was replacing the washer. I do it myself these days. But make sure you know how to find the washer in a size suitable for the faucet.

Leakages Occur Due to Mismatched Pipes

I have noticed that leakages occur due to mismatched pipes. Always take the right measurement of the pipe or fitting that needs to be replaced to avoid mismatch. Even the slightest difference can cause leakage or damage to the entire pipeline.

Replace Old and Rusted Pipes and Fittings

Replace old and rusted pipes and fittings. It is while replacing an old hose and installing a new one when I used a pipe cutter. Always use pipe cutter carefully, and the pressure applied to it should be optimal. In the otherwise case, the pipe would be deformed or damaged.

Here is the guiding rule to check whether you are equipped to replace an old pipe – if you can’t exactly understand where is the pipe headed and how to replace it without disturbing the plumbing network, put your tools down and call a professional.

Small Leakages

For small leakages, you don’t need to hire a plumber and using Teflon tapes may suffice. However, it is essential that you wind the Teflon tape in the right direction for it to stay in its position for long without falling off.

Problem of Running Toilet

At least once or twice a year I face the problem of running toilet. The faulty stop valve is the reason behind it. You either need to replace the stop valve or the entire assembly inside the tank. I have done it myself with the help of tutorial videos and trust me it isn’t as hard as it may look.

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In Conclusion

It is always better to measure the intensity of the problem beforehand to know if you would be able to handle it on your own or would need a professional plumber. Many serious plumbing issues would require the expertise of professional plumber and trying to do it yourself may cost you a ton of money.

It is the challenge that thrills me when working on fixing these common plumbing issues, and the positive outcome always makes my day. Over the years, it has turned into my weekend hobby. Now I keep looking for some plumbing issues to work on in my house during weekends, which for some reasons, my wife finds funny. That said and done, if I am unable to understand the problem or find myself ill-equipped to tackle it, I never hesitate in calling a plumber.

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