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If it’s your dream to study abroad, nothing should stop you, not even your financial condition. It didn’t stop me.

Be it luck, or my destiny, I managed to connect with a friend, who bore the entire costs of my education at the University of Cambridge, without expecting anything in return. Well, I can’t disclose her name, for obvious reasons, but she was no less than an angel to me, much like my mother, whom I never got to see in my life.

Yes! I’m an orphan. I grew up in an orphanage in Kolkata, got educated in a government school and passed my higher secondary examinations with flying colours.I was a really good student, which kind of helped me establish my place in the world. Nothing but education can help you achieve the things you crave for in life, and I realised this fact at a quite young age.

This lady, my sponsor, used to visit me at the orphanage since I was a kid. She is an NGO worker, who has sponsored the education of several children before me, via her agency. However, I knew her personally, as she was quite fond of me. I used to make her gifts, which she liked a lot.

I was lucky to be noticed by her, but many aren’t. There are so many students, who wish to study aboard but are unable to do so, because of financial constraints. It’s really expensive out there, but one shouldn’t stop trying.

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How to find an education sponsor in India?

To be honest, it’s difficult to get a stranger to sponsor your overseas education, no matter how bright a student you are. Everyone doesn’t have a big heart like my sponsor. However, there are two effective ways of finding an education sponsor in India as follows:

Find a sponsoring agency

Multiple agencies connect potential sponsors to the students in need of sponsorship. Generally, the sponsors range from big industrialists, charity workers to celebrities, who look for eligible candidates via such agencies.

Although you may not get in touch with your sponsor directly, the money provided by them will pay for your educational expenses through the sponsoring agency. Hence, make sure you find a reliable one.

Opt for sponsoring programs

Many agencies launch certain sponsoring programs now and then, and you should keep track of the same to find your chance of getting sponsorship for your abroad education. However, the final decision will depend on your eligibility for getting the sponsorship.

Are you eligible to get sponsorship?

Before you start looking for a sponsor, you should check whether you’re eligible to get one. Generally, the agencies send the profiles of students to potential sponsors, who then send the money through the agencies to the students they choose.

Most of the time, the students are not selected based on their merits but their financial backgrounds. Orphans, children belonging to the labour class, kids coming from low-income families, and disabled children get preference over others, who may have a better chance at excelling.

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Further, the sponsors may also decline the request of sponsoring overseas education, as they can educate so many students with the same amount of resources. So, hold your heart!

There are so many alternatives

If you are determined to study abroad, you need not depend only on education sponsors to get that money. Opt for a scholarship program from any of the recognized overseas universities and get your degree (or diploma) for free.

Yes, there’ll be a tight competition, but then, where isn’t there competition? You can also opt for an educational loan if you’re confident enough to pay it back in time. Always remember, if one door closes, there will be others that’ll open up for you. Have faith and keep searching!

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