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Try Out These Summer Beverages to Beat the Heat

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Summers are in full action. Temperatures are soaring, leaving us all tired and exhausted. In this sultry heat, it’s vital to keep the body hydrated to avoid sunstroke. At this time of the year, our body tends to lose fluids fast due to excessive sweating, and it’s essential to replenish them time and again. While water is the easiest way to do so, there are other summer beverages that quench thirst and keep the body cool and refreshed. Read on to know the most popular and effective summer beverages that you can try to beat the heat and the health benefits they offer.

Aam Panna


No summer beverage is complete without mentioning Aam Panna, made from the king for fruits – mangoes. The drink made using mango pulp is generally blended with mint leaves, jeera and cumin. The drink not only keeps you refreshed but also gives your body the much-needed energy it needs.

A lip-smacking drink, there are several other health benefits of Aam Panna. Having it a few times during summer maintains the electrolyte balance and prevents the loss of iron. At the same time, it’s rich in several nutrients and vitamins, including Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and B6.

Since Aam Panna consists of green mangoes, it’s rich in pectin. Pectin helps regulate the digestive process and helps cure ailments such as constipation, piles, and diarrhoea. The drink also helps strengthen the immune system, highly essential during these times.




Made by using jeera and water, jaljeera is highly effective for people suffering from digestive problems. In this drink, jeera is roasted and mixed in water. Jaljeera powder is also available in sachets that you can instantly dissolve in water and make a refreshing summer beverage. You can add mint leaves to it for a refreshing taste.

Along with keeping you hydrated during summers, there are other benefits of consuming jaljeera. The jeera or cumin in the drink helps prevent and treat anaemia as it’s a great source of iron. It also helps in treating abdominal cramps, intestinal gas and several other diseases.

If you are calorie-conscious, then it’s a perfect drink as it’s low in calories. The drink also helps to improve vitamin C deficiency as it has amchur powder in it.


Sattu Sharbat


A desi summer beverage, sattu sharbat keeps your body refreshed even and energised even on the hottest day. Made of sattu flour, water, and sugar, the drink is also filling. Before intake, add a pinch of salt and squash a lemon in it, and it will flush out all body toxins.

Sattu sharbat, too, has multiple health benefits. It helps improve bowel movement, and the salt, iron and fibre help eliminate stomach-related ailments. It also destroys toxic substances from your body, keeps it cool and prevents indigestion.

If you have diabetes, then having sattu sharbat can do wonders for you. Its low glycemic index makes it one of the best drinks for diabetic people. Easy to make, drink sattu sharbat before going out in the sun.



A natural thirst quencher, chaanch is made by churning out butter from milk or even curd, for that matter. It is one of the most refreshing summer beverages that you can take in the summers. It’s an excellent digestive, and the addition of cumin only adds to its benefits.

Chaanch, also known as buttermilk, helps balance your body temperature. The drink is also rich in calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D, which aid in strengthening bones. Chaanch also has anti-inflammatory effects on skin cells lining your mouth. It thus helps in improving oral health to a great extent.

The health benefits don’t end here. Chaanch also helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. All in all, it’s a complete drink that can make your sultry hot day a refreshing one.


Coconut Water


This is one summer drink that can instantly cheer you up. If you feel dehydrated at any point during the intense heat, just sip coconut water to get your electrolyte levels back up. Just like the other drinks mentioned here, coconut water has several health benefits.

It’s a low-calorie drink, and it helps you to reduce weight. It’s rich in potassium that helps keep fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. The potassium present in coconut water helps balance out sodium’s effect on blood pressure and enables you to reduce it to a great extent.

Additionally, coconut water is rich in antioxidants that help neutralise oxidative stress and free radicals. Try drinking fresh coconut water to get optimum levels of antioxidants. Avoid taking a pasteurised one that has fewer antioxidants.


Sugarcane Juice


An energy drink that helps build plasma, sugarcane juice is one of the most naturally refreshing summer beverage you can take in summers. To add to its taste, you can add mint leaves in it. You can easily counter dullness and dehydration with the help of this drink.

An instant energy booster, a glass of sugarcane juice can help you shake fatigue. It has a diuretic property that helps drive away infection and also prevent urinary tract infection. So, if you are feeling a burning sensation while passing urine, then a glass of sugarcane juice can help.

The juice also has minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, and they help strengthen the teeth’s enamel, protecting them from decay. It also helps fight bad breath that can happen due to lack of nutrients. It also helps strengthen your liver, thus protecting you against jaundice.



What is summer without a glass of lassi? The creamy yoghurt-based refreshment is a must-have when the temperature soars. Also, you can add many variations to it, right from classic to mint to mango to banana.

Light on the stomach, the drink aids in digestion and prevents acids that cause heartburn. The good bacteria present in lassi fights the bad bacteria in the gut and thus help get rid of many stomach problems such as constipation, bloating, etc.

It’s also a great source of probiotics that are linked to weight loss. Probiotics also help fight bad cholesterol, thus keeping your heart healthy. Lassi is also rich in vitamin D and lactic acid that aids in keeping your immune system in top shape.


Nimbu Pani


Our very own delicious summer beverage, the good old nimbu pani can be quickly made with lemon, sugar, salt and water. To boost its taste, you can add a few mint leaves to it. To make it even tastier, you can add cumin, black pepper and coriander powder.

Its richness in Vitamin C aids in digestion and helps the liver produce more bile so that complex foods can be broken down better. It also helps to tame symptoms of bloating, belching and diarrhoea. Lemon water also cleans your intestine and regulates bowel movements.

Having nimbu pani can also help you cut that extra flab and thus reduce weight. By flushing out toxins from your body, it enables you to beat the effects of a hangover. Owing to its high potassium content, it helps control high blood pressure.


Watermelon Juice


Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits that you can have in summers, and its juice is even more refreshing. The fruit is a rich source of essential vitamins and proteins. It’s a rich source of potassium and magnesium and thus helps in controlling blood pressure.

Watermelon juice, packed with fibre, aids in digestion, and the high water content help flush out the toxins from the body. The electrolytes, carbs and minerals present in watermelon can hydrate your body in no time and make you feel more energetic.

The presence of strong antioxidant lycopene helps in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Having this juice also lower the risk of developing asthma.

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