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Cars are definitely high maintenance but equally rewarding. There is nothing like driving or being seated in a perfectly-maintained car. It shows how the owner views the vehicle and the people who would be with them along the journey.

For those of you who have been wanting to spare time to maintain your car in the best ways possible, here is a quick guide. This infographic will offer you insights on aesthetic and technical maintenance of your car so you have one amazing driving experience during summer.

Summer Car Care Checklist

Air Conditioning Service

Before summer hits your region, always make it a point to check your car’s air-conditioner gas. This includes the compressor and the refrigerant. Maintain recommended levels of refrigerant for an optimum cooling experience. Also replace or clean filters to remove stale smell and prevent yourself from inhaling foreign and dust particles. If you forget look for the signs that say you AC needs servicing.

Engine Fluids

It’s not just us humans who need to stay hydrated during the summers. Your car has to as well. That’s why you should change or replace your car’s fluids such as engine oil, coolant and windshield wiper before the onset of summer.

Sun Blinds

Get sun blinds for your windows so you could maintain bearable temperatures inside your car when it is parked. But we recommend avoiding it when you’re on the move.

No Parking Under Direct Sunlight

As a good precaution, always park your car under a shade or where sunlight doesn’t directly fall on your car. This keeps your car cool. So, if you have to walk a little, we suggest doing it for your car.

Apart from these, we also recommend getting a good quality car cover and taking care of your tyre pressure and treads during and before summer so you have a good ride during the season.

Share this infographic with your people so they have some insights on summer car care as well.

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