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How To Take Care Of Health In Winter Months

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At last, it’s that time of the year – The time to move around without sweating, bask in the Sun, hold picnics and short weekend getaways and of course, enjoy the holidays.

Now, the cold winter months may also increase the chances of getting ill, as the tropical climate of ours has not been able to make us completely immune to the dry, cold season. As for me, I tend to catch a cold quite easily. In 2017, I suffered a great deal, because of influenza, which cost me my holiday spirit. I had to cancel a trip that I had planned with my family, and it was a complete mess. However, no one is to blame for that of course. It was I, who didn’t take any precautionary measures then, but I’ve now started to do so, and last year, I was able to enjoy the winter without even falling ill for a day.

Let me share a few things that I took care of to keep diseases and discomfort at bay.

Winter Health Care Tips:

Staying hydrated 

 In India, winter is a dry season, and you may experience a sudden surge of drinking more and more water every day. However, you have to be careful not to go overboard, especially if you’re travelling, to prevent frequent urination. Yes! As we don’t sweat in winter, urinating is the only way to flush fluids outside the body.

Prevent dry skin issues

The moisture level drops drastically in the cold months of November to February. As a result, you may suffer from parched lips, dry skin and other related issues during winter month, so you need to follow skin care tips during winter month. Use cold cream to help your skin retain moisture and lip balms to do the same to your lips. You should also invest in a high-quality foot cream, as your feet may grow cracks during this time.

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Get rid of joint pains

In winter, most of us suffer from acute pains in the joints and muscles, as they tend to lose their elasticity due to the lack of moisture. You can opt for a hot oil massage now and then to treat the tension in the muscles and soreness. Body massages also help loosen the muscles and reduce inflammation, if any.

Cover your ears and nose

The chilly winds may cause sickness, especially in people like me, who have sinusitis. I always cover my nose and ears with a shawl, whenever I’m out in the open, especially after suffering from influenza the year before the last. I also cover my throat, as my tonsils are not in a pretty good condition.

Work out regularly 

I find it really difficult to get out of my bed in winter mornings. It’s not because I’m lazy but my muscles send to become sore in the cold months of November to February. However, I force myself to follow a regular exercise routine to keep the blood flow normally in my body and prevent diseases. You can do the same to get rid of winter blues.

The key things that you should keep in mind in winter are good food, good health,  proper exercise and proper clothing. If you can take care of these, you’ll seldom fall sick and be able to enjoy these three or four months without any hassle.


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  1. Wally Hai September 19, 2020

    Excellent post! I’m a blogger in Canada too but I don’t know anyone here and this post help me to have some ideas on how to get to know more.Thanks!


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