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How To Take Professional Looking Photos With Your Phone? Read This

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Smartphone cameras are getting advanced day by day. The concept of mobile photography has taken the internet by storm. Even mobile phones can produce as good pictures as DSLRs. However, some pictures taken by mobile phones just seem impossible to be achieved by using a simple phone camera. Then what is  the secret behind these incredible photos? How do they achieve it?

To tell you the truth, a lot of accessories aid in clicking that perfect Instagram worthy photos. I have personally been using accessories to get the right picture with my phone, for years now. I am here to guide you on how you can click your own amazing pictures by using simple mobile accessories.

Tips To Take Professional Looking Photos

Use of Lenses:

There are typically three additional types of lenses you can attach to your smartphone. They are fisheye, super-wide-angle and macro lens. They could be either attached using a clip-on or using a special mobile cover. With the add-on lenses, you will experience infinite possibilities. You can explore the creativity within you. Some lens kits also include filters. These lenses can take your photography to the next level.


even in the advertisements of a low light phone camera, additional light is used. So how are we supposed to achieve that perfect low light image that has been sold to us? Well, it’s simple, a led clip-on flash is what you need. The extra light source helps in reducing the grains in your photo ensuring a high definition picture.

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We like to think our hands can take a steady shot. However, that is not the case. Often, when we click using our hands we are left with blurry images. To achieve that extremely good picture, you’ll need to take a step forward. Tripods are an excellent way to stabile your pictures. They hold your phone steady at one place and you are able to take more than one good shot. When it comes to tripods, I personally prefer Gorilla-pod. It has flexible legs and can allow you to take pictures from different angles. They can even be fixed at an uneven surface and even on a tree.

Extra Storage:

I cannot emphasize how important extra-storage is. Especially when you are on a trip. Even though smartphones nowadays have excellent internal storage capacity. However, they can still run out of space. I always prefer carrying an extra pen drive, a wireless travel router or just an extra memory card to store all the pictures of my trip in one place.

In Conclusion

With these accessories, you can take photos that look better or as good as the photos taken by a DSLR camera. Mind well, these tips don’t guarantee that all your pictures will look professional now onward. But, they will give a boost to the quality of pictures you take. Eventually, with time, practice and patience these accessories will help you click professional looking pictures with ease

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