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These Are Three Instances Where My Car Accessories Saved My Day

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I love to accessorize my car, and since there are varieties of car accessories available these days, I often find myself spoilt for choices. However, over a period of time, I have made sure that no matter what, there would be a specific list of car accessories always present in my car.

These are the accessories that I have got used to and have helped me get through many difficult situations at times. As surprising as it may sound, car accessories have played a vital role in saving my day at times. And, my friends are in cahoots with me about this as they feel the same about some car accessories that every car should absolutely have.

Not many people realize that the functionality of car accessories can enhance the overall experience for the driver as well as the passenger and that it is a worthy investment to make. I would list three incidents in this article where car accessories helped me save the day.

Mobile Charger

The first incident was when I was driving on the highway from Jaipur to Delhi. My phone was running on low battery, and since, I was just about to reach home in a couple of hours, I couldn’t care less. However, in an hour’s drive from Jaipur my car’s front right tyre got flat for reasons I didn’t know. It was clear that I couldn’t drive in such a situation and to make things worse, my phone battery was at four percent. It gave me jitters thinking about what to do next.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had bought a mobile charger when I went for a car wash and car servicing last time. I took it out from the car drawer and plugged in my phone. First of all, I called my wife to inform her about the incident so that she doesn’t get worked up about me getting delayed. Secondly, I called up the car garage near me who sent the car mechanics in less than an hour.

Looking back, the mobile charger played a vital role in helping me calm down and take back control of the situation. It is what helped me connect with my loved ones as well as find out about the nearest car garage that can help me get back my car up and running.


Now, this second incident is kind of funny where my wife and I were trying hard to reach a venue for a wedding celebration. The venue was located in the part of town where we don’t go often. Hence, the struggle to find the venue started as soon as we entered the locality.

It was crowded, chaotic, and party venues were lined up one after the other. To add to our agony, most of the local people had no clue about where our venue is located. And, few others probably misguided us. We were left scratching our heads.

My wife quickly pulled out her phone and tried using the maps in it. Her internet reception was weak and we couldn’t get anything buffered on her phone. We tried using my phone but waiting for her to tell me when to take a turn while still being aware of the traffic, people and animals on the road was becoming a bit too much. When you ask someone else to give you directions, it is like splitting the job of a driver. It may seem convenient but it makes the driver ineffective because half of is brain is always waiting for auditory directions from his partner. I understood the risk and quickly switched on the GPS in the car. Now that I think about it, I wonder why hadn’t I don this at the very beginning!

It is when I switched on my GPS that was always there in my car but rarely used. Within seconds, the GPS told us which lane we need to follow and the exact direction we need to follow to reach our destination. Thankfully, even though we were late, we managed to reach the destination. I have been relying on GPS navigation systems since then whenever I am driving in unknown territory.

Portable Tyre Inflator

Portable tyre inflator is a car accessory that is rarely used but is always present in my car. I bought it after my father’s advice, and I am glad that I did. Once when I was with my family and returning back from dinner, my car’s rear left tyre started to lose air at a rapid pace.

The kids at the hotel’s parking probably made mischief and pulled out the cap to keep air pressure optimal. Thankfully, I had a portable tyre inflator in my car’s trunk, and the problem was solved within minutes. It would have been a nightmare in the otherwise case as my home was over an hour away from there.

In Conclusion

Make sure that you keep some essential car accessories in your car at all times as you never know when you might need them. You might not need many of the car accessories you keep in the car every day, but the day when you need it, it would surely save your day.

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