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Getting roadside assistance has proven to be the best decision I have ever made. Not long ago, I wasn’t even aware that a service of this sort existed. I always used to think that if my car gets stranded on the side of a highway, outside the city, I would either ask for a lift and get a mechanic or just call my family. I was so scared about my car breaking down unexpectedly that I always kept the fuel tank full and the engine serviced.

Finally, getting 24×7 Roadside Assistance (RSA) gave me the freedom to actually enjoy the long-drives and the frequent trips across the city. In the last few years, I have had multiple experiences where my car broke down and the roadside assistance service came to my rescue.

They would either fix the car right there or at least drop me to my destination while they towed the car to their authorized garage. I have learned quite a few things from my interactions with the roadside assistance teams and have gathered these five insights for you. Here are the 5 things you should consider before calling a roadside assistance service:

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Things To Know Before Calling a Roadside Assistance Service

I Talk To My RSA Team Just The Way I Talk To My Doctor.

Most of us would like to believe that we understand the disease we are going through. Yet, we prefer seeing a doctor for getting the right diagnosis and prognosis. The same applied to this situation as well. Instead of starting to speculate what is wrong with your car, tell your RSA (roadside assistance) team how the car stopped working and what abnormalities can you see.

Mostly, they might ask you to open the car’s hood and check for the right reasons. Follow the instructions they give, instead of tapping into your own ‘subconscious’ expertise. You can try the latter, later.

The First Thing I Do When My Car Stops Are Looking Into My Toolkit In The Car.

Everyone who takes cars into places where finding help might be a bit difficult, usually also knows that she/he should be carrying a set of tools for emergencies. Tyre-lifting equipment, screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, wires – check for all the tools you have in the car. Let your RSA team know what all you have at the moment; this may help them decrease the load they carry or they might even dictate to you how to fix the vehicle, on the phone itself.

I Always Try To Be As Specific About The Location As Possible.

Roadside assistance may include something as marginal as refuelling or something as complex as wheel balancing. In any case, the location you are stuck on will be an important piece of information that will let the RSA team reach you in time. Hence, try to be as specific about the location as possible. A Google Maps location would be the ideal way to go ahead with it; if that is not possible, share the last popular location you saw.

If I Am Unable To Get In Touch With The RSA Team, I Ask For Help From Truck Drivers

Generally, truck drivers are well acquainted with the route they are driving from. Hence, if you can get your vehicle to the nearest mechanic, you might save yourself from using your roadside assistance services altogether.

The Best Tool You Have Is Your Patience. Don’t Lose It

I often talk to the RSA team that is helping me out. These conversations usually turn out to be very insightful. Once, a mechanic told me that the stupid mistake people do is that they end up draining the battery of their phone. When the RSA team tries to reach out to them, it becomes very difficult for them to communicate. So, once you have coordinated with your roadside assistance responding team – be patient. First and foremost, keep the car’s keys with you. Second – don’t get busy on your phone. You will need it further to coordinate with them.

Finding yourself the right roadside assistance could be aggravating and tiresome. So, if you are looking for the right roadside assistance service provider make sure they have these 5 qualities:

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Qualities To Look In Roadside Assistance Service Provider

Area Of Operation

A car breakdown can happen at odd hours and the places we least expect. This makes it important to not only consider reliability but also the area of operation. So, when you are looking for a roadside assistance plan, make sure the company is ready to offer its services regardless of distance.

Professional Response Team

A good roadside assistance company must have a team of proficient technicians who have mastered different types of car related problems that are fully accustomed to the diverse needs of every car owner. They should be able to handle issues and provide fuel delivery service, battery jumpstart, ignition, and towing services. They should have a range of services offered. For instance, they should be able to take care of basic car servicing but also be able to deliver something more complex, like a wheel balancing service.

High-Grade Service

The best roadside assistance team should be able to provide complete satisfaction. High quality means to be able to provide efficient services at a low price. It must be able to instantly provide solutions to any roadside issue. Also, the team should provide good quality products and services.


Price is a very important factor that should be considered while looking for roadside assistance. The value of services plays an important aspect when evaluating different plans. If a company’s service fee is low as compared to other companies then question their reliability and if it’s high then question their quality. With, this in mind compares the charges and services offered before settling on one company.


The services should be available at all hours. 24-hour operations are essential because nobody ever plans for when their vehicle might experience an issue. This necessitates the need for one to select an establishment that has its operations running at all hours.


It is a very intelligent decision to get roadside assistance. I have learned that like all human processes, roadside assistance is not perfect. But with the measures suggested here, you can make the process of getting help from car roadside assistance teams perfect for yourself.

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